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Happy Birthday Arthur!!!!

My big boy turns 3 today. Happy Birthday Arthur. We love you so much. Each day is so much brighter with you in our lives. Happy Birthday to you.

Arthur’s birthDAY.








Arthur turns a year old.








My sweet 2 year old.








My big boy turns 3.








Best big brother ever.








Unfortunately there is no food post for today. The menu for the week changed unexpectedly. Our baby bear Adam has been sick since Monday night with a high fever and after having bloodwork done, the poor guy has a virus. His fever has gone down, but is not completely gone. Hopefully soon though.
I hope you each have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys



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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Arthur!!!!

  1. They boy has cool hair! =p
    hope he gets well really soon!!

  2. Happy birthday Arthur!! and get well Adam

  3. What a sweet post! Happy birthday Arthur!

  4. Happy Birthday Arthur! And hope Adam is better soon.

  5. Oh, get well soon, Adam! And Happy Birthday to your Big Boy Arthur! I bet you wonder where the time went… 😉

  6. Happy Birthday Arthur! Hopefully Adam feels better soon.

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