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Happy Birthday!!!!!








Today is my husband Joshua’s birthday. Arthur wanted me to make him a cake. When I asked him what we should make for Daddy, he said a dinosaur cake. We decided on a T-rex. Arthur decided on the color. Blue of course. That is his favorite color. The cake is red velvet from VCTOTW. He loved it. For his birthday as a gift, I got his road bike fixed with the help of his best friend Sean. I scored and ended up only paying $60 instead of $300 plus. Woo hoo. Now Josh can get back on his bike. He was so excited when he saw his bike was fixed. He thought for sure it would be sitting around collecting dust for a while. He also got a trailer to attach to his bike to pull the boys in. Freakin’ awesome. So, now that the weather is cool, we will be getting out on the road on our bikes. We are going to get the two little guys some bike helmets. Arthur said he wanted one with fire on his. You know cool flames.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.










peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!!!!

  1. Great Cake! Sooo awesome! I am totally into it. Oh…my birthday is in March…. 😉

  2. Wicked cake!

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppy Birthday Josh!!

  3. That is a seriously awesome cake! T-Rex looks ferocious…and delicious!

  4. The cake is so cool!! And Happy Birthday for him 😀

  5. That cake is awesome!!! If I made one like that for Rupert he’d be overcome!

  6. Thankfulness to my father who told me regarding this blog, this webpage is truly awesome.

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