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Last night we had falafel for dinner. Yum. I stuffed the pitas with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, hummus and a Greek dressing I made. I served it with a Greek yogurt sauce I threw together made from soygurt. It was so good. I used a falafel mix that I had sitting in the pantry. Arthur loves falafel. Adam seemed to like it but it was a little to crispy for him and he gagged poor guy. So, no falafel for him until he is older.









 We are off to storytime this morning and then a jog around the lake. Yesterday’s run was a bit brutal. I haven’t run with the double jogger in quite sometime and the total weight of kids and jogger is 85 pounds. Geez. Talk about workout. The weather has been lovely and perfect for half-marathon training. Yippee.

My future soccer star.











Cutie pie Adam.










Hope you have a lovely day.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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7 thoughts on “Falafel!!!!!!

  1. I’ve experienced similar things. And have you noticed that it’s almost always the omnis that want to start a conflict about it? Hence, the scoffing and snide remarks. I’ve been called self-righteous just because I said I was a vegan when asked…I wasn’t trying to convert anyone or act superior…it was just stating the truth.

    I think they see others who step outside of the norm in order to live by their principles as a threat to their comfort zone…a zone they desperately want to remain in at all costs.

  2. BTW, the falafel looks divine!

  3. Mmm … I adore Falafel. Have you ever made it from scratch? I actually like it better than the box variety and it’s pretty easy to do.

    I’ve found that the only people who snicker or make rude comments to me about being vegan are those that feel insecure in themselves. I never preach about my food choices. When I’m asked I just say that I feel a vegan diet is healthier for me. But I still get a few rude comments. I just consider the source and usually the person is a jerk to begin with.

    Written communication is always dicey. I recently responded to a post where someone shared that a booth selling vegan products was being run by a guy eating chicken … my response was that I didn’t think it was the best business plan to eat chicken while trying to sell vegan products. Someone else read my comment and jumped down my throat for suggesting that a vegan product isn’t vegan if it’s being sold by a non-vegan. It’s not at all what I was suggesting but … you know how it goes.

    BTW … your kids are absolute dolls! They look so happy and healthy!

    Take Care!

  4. Sometimes I think it’s just a matter of being “different.” Some people have a hard time when someone in the group is different.

    I am so inspired to try my hand at making falafel after seeing yours! It looks so good!

  5. I belong with the ‘enjoy and read’ people! 🙂

    Live and let live, that’s all I have to say. Why can’t everyone respect other’s dietary and lifestyle choices? It’s a head scratcher.

    Your little soccer player already looks like a star!

  6. I love falafel. I have never tried the box method but its good to know that i can be good. I think that falafel is mostly about the sauce anyway! 🙂

  7. I love falafel! That looks good.

    And everyone should be treated with respect. To each their own – no judgment but acceptance.

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