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Run sucka run….


Just kidding. Well the past few days have been crazy with drama. But that’s how it goes. You learn to deal. I went for a 4 1/2 mile run this morning. It was nice outside. I am participating in two 1/2 marathons early next year. I haven’t run in a race since I was pregnant with Adam, so it is nice to train again. I was glad to be out today especially for Adam. He is feeling a bit under the weather (again) and the jogger lulled him to sleep so he got a good nap in while I was running. During my running, I stopped by the water station to get some water for myself and Arthur. While there, an older man stops by in some super duper short shorts. I was standing there with several other people filling up on fluids. The man gets his drink and runs off. The bad part about the short shorts, his arse was halfway hanging out, but wait, it gets worse. When he went to run off, me and the other people at the water station got a flash of old man ballsac. Yikes! Not something myself or anyone else wanted to see. If you want to wear short short running shorts buy the kind with the built in underwear or wear a cup. Geez. A flash of nard and arse was not what I needed to see right before lunch.

 Last night’s dinner was deep fried goodness. I made some cajun fried tofu. Yum. What isn’t good deep-fried? Seriously! I served it with some peas and carrots and mac and cheeze. Oh so good.










Today my Boo Boo bear turns 11 months old. I cannot believe he will be a year in just a month. Crazy. He is a little under the weather as I said earlier. He has a cold. He reminds me of my brother when we were very little. A little blue-eyed blonde hair boy with two lines of snot running down his face. Such cuteness. I just hope he doesn’t have to deal with the allergy shots like his Uncle had to growing up as a kid. That sucks.

Boo Boo playing in the pretend kitchen at the Children’s Museum.












Boogie wearing his Daddy’s bicycle helmet.












Well I am off to make some soup for this weekend. Hope you have a great evening.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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3 thoughts on “Run sucka run….

  1. Yay for town lake runs!

  2. HAHAH! What a great story to start this post! Ahhh the mental image…

    Lovely food though! That does a bit to clear my brain up!

  3. I laughed my ass off when I read your story about the snazzy-shorts flasher – that’d make your eyes water and no mistake! With regards to people you don’t like/respect – I’m at the point now I feel I’m too old to be bothering with people I don’t really have a connection with. I’ve done the psycho, co-dependent friend thing, the needing-to-be-liked-so-you’ll-put-up-with-anyone thing in my early twenties. Now with a husband, two kids and some much-needed self-respect, with friends I’m like: if we’re not on the same wavelength then you’re not coming round for coffee, basically. Why pretend to be someone you’re not? I meet lots of mums at the school gates and I’m cheerful and polite, but only a couple of them I’d consider real friends. So that’s my opinion, anyway. Hope it helps!

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