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Pizza dough and Mofo…



There is something about making your own pizza dough.  I love it.  The smell of the yeast rising.  The kneading of the dough.  Rolling out your pizza.  Mine always looks like an amoeba, never a circle.  I love baking the pizza on my pizza stone I got for a steal at the local grocery store many years ago.  They were selling them for $7.  Seriously.  I have seen them priced at $25 and up.

Last night for pizza night I made a “green pizza”.  I went to Nana Donna’s house and picked some fresh basil.  I used a pesto sauce recipe that I threw together.  It was delicious and I am lucky enough to have a good size bag of pinenuts in my freezer, thanks to a local freegan.  I had some fresh spinach that needed to be eaten.   I put the pesto on the dough, then the spinach, some marinated artichoke hearts and some gourmet green olives.  Topped it with some FYH cheeze.  And there you go. 

Now you might be thinking, pizza isn’t that challenging to veganize.  And you are right.  But cheeze pizza can get boring every week, so the challenge was trying to create something different.  Here it is, my “green” pizza.  Or an even better name, my “Incredible Hulk” pizza.  You know, he is green, the pizza is green and Lou Ferrigno is freakin’ awesome!

Easy Pesto Sauce

3/4c pine nuts

1 c basil, super packed tight, heaping with fresh basil

2 cloves garlic

1tsp salt

1/4c nutritional yeast

1/2c olive oil

Throw all the ingredients in the blender.  Puree until smoothe.  Serve on pizza, pasta, bread or whatever you fancy.

The “Incredible Hulk” pizza.








Even Arthur likes raw spinach.  Yum!








A full belly=naptime.










Hope you have a Mofo of a weekend.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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6 thoughts on “Pizza dough and Mofo…

  1. My husband is the one that make the pizzas here at home and they are always good! This weekend we`re moving and the food is all about pizza (but just buying them), I will blog about it tomorrow (I hope so!) because now we are between two apartments and everything is a mess!

  2. That pizza is making me hungry – and I just love Adam’s onesie – rock on, little man!

  3. You put me to shame you do. Home made pizza dough is the best and lil old lazy me always buys the frozen ones! And I don’t have two little boys to look after! You are awesome Krys and especially so because you’ve just made me determined to make my own dough next time

  4. Incredible Hulk Pizza=the most adorable name for a pizza EVER!

  5. Your green pizza looks incredibly delicious and it sounds really good and healthy too. I love the easy pesto sauce recipe, thanks for sharing both yummy recipe and adorable boys:)

  6. wingitvegan on said:

    “Mommy’s little metal head” – too cute!

    That has to be the best name for a pizza ever! Don’t make the pizza angry though, you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry! 🙂

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