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We interrupt this Mofo….

to bring you some late breaking news in the world of sewage. Yes, sewage.  Monday night I woke up to check on Arthur at 1am.  He was having a bad dream.  As I was going back to my room, I stepped in a puddle of what I thought was water and something smelled like dead fish.  The sewer line had backed up into our duplex.  I woke Josh up for some help.  Our hall was flooded, our living room, our front bathroom, the front closet, our master closet as well as the master bath.  We lost our area rugs in the living room thanks to the sh-t water everywhere.  All of our linens were put on the floor to save our record collection.  I called maintenance and they came over and said “sorry, nothing I can do.  The plumber will be in tomorrow.”  So, we had to pack up the boys and the dog at 2am and go sleep over at our Austin family’s house.  Ugh.  The landlord called yesterday morning, Tuesday.  The plumber said that some tree roots had caused the sewage to back up and flood our home with sh-t water.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, both tubs had at least half a foot each of sh-t water as well.  The landlord called a service company to come and vacuum up the water and there are giant fans in our duplex now drying the water that was left.  They replaced our closet carpet.  Thank God we have renters insurance because I am now filing a claim for what was lost as well as having to dine at restaurants until we are able to return home.  Tonite I get to clean our floors and bathroom.  And do inventory on what has been destroyed thanks to the sh-t water.   Our landlord offered to have maintenance clean for me, but I told her not to bother.  It would not be up to my standards. I have a baby that crawls on the floor.  I will be sterilizing the place.  I spent $50 in cleaning products yesterday.  And insurance is paying for that as well.  It is very frustrating being displace for 3 days.  Therefore, there will be no Mofo this week.  (Sad face).  Next week we will be in New Mexico, which I am super excited about. 

I hope you each have a lovely day.  I will check in on Friday.  We are having a CRAPTASTIC week.  Literally!

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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14 thoughts on “We interrupt this Mofo….

  1. oh that’s horrible Krys, I can’t imagine having to clean up after all of that. Good job Arthur woke you up though or it could have been much worse and maybe got the records! I hope the cleaning up isn’t too much work and that you’re relaxing and getting good meals out and using it as a kitchen holiday!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about that, Krys. What a nightmare. I would take the landlord up on the cleaning offer and then go over it yourself – at least you wouldn’t have the worst of it.

  3. UGH! That story made me cringe, I am SO sorry! Good luck with everything.

  4. Oh that’s horrible! I’m sorry you all have to go through that but I’m with Susan on the cleaning offer… not having the worst of it anyway.
    And glad you get a vacation real soon though!!

  5. Sorry to hear about your sewage trouble; sounds like you’re getting back on your feet…good luck. I’m glad you have a vacation to look forward to.

  6. What a nightmare – so sorry to hear about it! At least you have your break in New Mexico to look forward to, it’ll make all the scrubbing and mopping and washing down a little easier to bear! Me and mine will be thinking of you xoxo DJ

  7. Oh no!!! That’s horrible! I’ve had that happen in an old apartment, but not that bad. It backed up the tub with poop water. And my landlord (who was a complete jackass, btw) waited THREE DAYS to do anything about. I’m glad you have renter’s insurance, and I’m glad you have a scheduled vacation so you can relax after all that cleaning!

  8. aliciamax on said:

    Oh, no fun at all. So happy you have renter’s insurance–smart girl!
    I look forward to your future posts.

  9. I had this happen to me last year, though the mess stayed in the bathroom. It ruins the joy of showering for a bit…

  10. That sounds terrible! Poor you, how awful!
    I hope it gets fixed soon, and they you can get settled back in.

  11. lazysmurf on said:

    What a disaster! I am so sorry to hear about that, good thing you have the insurance hopefully it will be enough to cover what you lost.

  12. Sorry to hear that…but you know once you go down…you can only go up after!

  13. How awful! I am so sorry you are going through this!!! We are thinking of you and hope everything is cleaned up soon. Hugs!!!!

  14. Oh GOD Krys! That is AWFUL!!!
    I can totally sympathise with you as this has happened to me before. It is the worse and you’re right – no-one else can clean to your own standard ESPECIALY when you have babies crawling about.
    You’re so smart for having renters insurance though!

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