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La la la la Elmo’s world…

That’s right. It’s Elmo. Here is the cake I made for Adam’s first birthday. My baby bear loves Elmo. He can say around 4-5 words and one of them is “Elmo”. Arthur told me that I needed to make little brother an Elmo cake. So, I did. Vegan of course. It took forever to decorate, but well worth it for my little guy.










How was your Halloweeen? Ours was nice. We took the boys trick or treating and Zeke came along. He did great. He waited by the curb with Josh while I took the boys door to door. We just went to a few friends houses. Nothing crazy. We carved a pumpkin into a cat’s face. We roasted pumpkin seeds. And I made a pumpkin curry. It was delicious and made a lot. The recipe is from my dear friend DJ aka skintvegan. Thanks! It was oh so good. Oh my goodness. We loved it. Arthur was Spiderman but did not want to wear his mask. And Adam was baby Superman. Simple but cute. I threw on a black dress and wore some devil horns with a tail and carried my pitchfork. It was fun.




























I baked some banana blueberry muffins from La Dolce Vegan. They were terrific. I also made some applesauce. The local grocery store had organic gala apples on sale for 97cents a pound. I found a recipe online and made some slowcooker applesauce. It was delicious. We really enjoyed it. I put it in individual serving size containers and placed it in the freezer. Such goodness.

Well I am off to make some date bars and soup.

Hope you have a lovely Monday.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “La la la la Elmo’s world…

  1. Wow!!! You are SO patient, that cake looks amazing!!! Happy 1st birthday, Adam! And I’m really glad you enjoyed the curry!

  2. Adam’s birthday cake is fantastic! You did a great job. Love all the pictures.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    elmo rules

  4. Anonymous on said:


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