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Sick little bear….

Yesterday I made soup. Tuesday is always soup day or crockpot day. I made the roasted garlic white bean soup from VWAV. It is such a good soup. I served it with foccacia from V-con. I subbed sage for the rosemary. Arthur loved the foccacia. He is my carb kid. He saw the bread and said “I need that”. He is so funny.















In other news, Adam is sick. Poor little guy. He seems to catch everything. He suddenly came down with a fever Monday afternoon and had a rash on his legs. The doctor wanted to see him ASAP. He said there is some nasty stuff spreading around and wanted to make sure it was nothing serious. He said the rash looks viral and to treat the fever and push fluids. Ugh. He seemed better yesterday, but then the fever showed up again and he had a fever this morning as well. I hope my baby bear gets well soon. Needless to say the rest of the week will be low key as well as the weekend.

I am off to eat some breakfast and check on my baby bear. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.










peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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9 thoughts on “Sick little bear….

  1. I’ve never noticed the recipe for white bean garlic soup in VwaV, but it sounds deeeelicious! I love white beans.

    Hope Adam gets better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear the little guy is sick 😦 I hope he feels better and that no one else in the family gets sick!

  3. lazysmurf on said:

    so sorry he is sick! Soup will help!

  4. Get well soon, little Adam! Lazysmurf is right – plenty of soup and sleep should help.

  5. itstartedwithafish on said:

    Hope your lilun is up and running soon!

    Hugs, KiKi

  6. Poor Baby Adam! Get well soon, tiny baby bear!

  7. humm I might make that soup next week.
    Where are you? I am trying to call you to check up on your guys and not answer.

  8. Get well soon, Adam!

  9. I love soup and this one looks great! 🙂

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