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A journey of cooking vegan food for my family.

How was your weekend? Our’s was slow. I did some cooking and baking as usual. First with the food. A friend of mine brought over some fresh spinach from her garden. How awesome is that? I made a lasagna recipe from vegweb. It was delicious. The recipe is called “Cheesy Lasagna”. It calls for nooch in the dish. It was so good. We didn’t miss any other type of cheeze it it. And it made a ton. I also made some pretzels for Josh from the cookbook “The Joy of Vegan Baking”. I love soft pretzels. I seasoned them with cinnamon sugar, some with sea salt and the others with garlic. Delicious dipped in a spicy mustard. I also made gingerbread scones from the same cookbook. They are so tasty. I added dried cranberries. Yum! I love this time of year. Pumpkin season, cranberry season. It is oh so good.

You will have to excuse the mediocre pictures.  The food was delicious.  The pictures, crappy.
















Gingerbread scones








In our city we have what is called “Freecycle”. I check the website often. It is similar to craigslist, but it is people giving away free items or stating what they need. I checked Saturday morning and a daycare/eco-school was having a garage sale and they said that after the garage sale, come by and get the leftovers for free. Josh was working and had our vehicle. I called him and asked him to go over there on his lunchbreak to see what goodies they had. Score! He came home with a new sandbox with a cover, a brand new bike rack still in the box to hang the bikes on in our spare room since we do not have a garage. We got a board game for Arthur, a cute sweatshirt for Adam, some records, a Marx brothers movie poster framed for the boys room, some picture frames to put the boys pictures in, some speakers to hook up to the dvd player so we will have more of a surround sound effect in our living room and some random art pictures. One was a giant nicely framed painting of sunflowers, not really our theme but it looked like a Van Goh. I told Josh we would call it a Van Doh! As in Homer Simpson and I would hang it in our spare office room for the random art gallery wall. The other was a pretty cool water color painting of an old village. It reminded me of a South American village.

Today we took Zeke to the vet for his shots. He is such a good boy. He gave everyone he saw kisses. He is the best birthday present ever. I had to order his heartworm meds today. Geez. That stuff is ridiculously priced. Well worth it, but wow. I mean it is costly. I ordered it from the discounted pet med store, but still. Ugh.
I am off to make some grilled cheeze sammiches for dinner. Yum. Josh is working late, so it is me and the little guys. I am also making some pumpkin spice bread per Josh’s request. Such an easy request since it is delicious.


















Hope you have a lovely evening.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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  1. I’ve tried to make soft pretzels before and they were just ok.. These little guys look awesome! I love how you bake a ton of stuff all the time- especially with the boys I can’t believe you have the time to get all of that accomplished! Your so good 🙂 I LOVE getting stuff for free. When my husband and I lived in the city we lived near all of the local colleges and we would walk around and find random stuff that these kids would just give away!! Crazy! Good finds for you!

  2. I must try those soft pretzels! I’ve only ever had shop bought crunchy ones, but I think these would be good to try…
    I’m glad the wee fellow’s better now. It’s not good when they’re ill, is it?
    That was a wonderful haul from freecycle! We have a local one here called freegle, which is great. But it really cracks me up when people say: ‘Wanted: woodburning stove’ or ‘Wanted: digital camera.’ Yeah, right!!!
    I’ve been away from blogdom for ages, because of my new studies, so I’m trying to catch up! I want to blog about Johnny, whose birthday was almost three weeks ago!

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