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Warm soup for a chilly day…

Good morning. As usual Tuesday is “Soup Day”. And since it has actually gotten chilly here. It was perfect weather for soup. I made chickpea noodle soup. It is the recipe from V-con. Love it. I haven’t made it in a long time. It is so good and makes a ton. I served it with a homemade baguette. The bread recipe is from The Garden of Vegan. It is a simple yet delicious bread and makes two decent size loaves.







Monday we went to the park with the boys and played. They had a blast. When we got back it was lunchtime. The fridge looked bare. So I threw together a quick pasta dish. I made a peanut sauce from The Garden of Vegan. It is quick and delicious. I had some leftover coconut milk in the freezer so I used it. I have used soy milk in the past when I did not have coconut milk and it tasted fine that way as well. I mixed the sauce with some spaghetti noodles and edamame. My friend gave me some cilantro from her garden so I threw that on top. Fast and easy meal. Speaking of fresh cilantro. Oh my goodness. I had never had cilantro fresh from the garden. I have always eaten the store bought stuff. There is a big difference. Night and day type of difference. The garden cilantro was heaven in my mouth. Josh liked it too. I know cilantro is cheap at the store, but after trying it fresh. I am tempted to grow my own. Wow is all I can say. Seriously.







I can’t believe Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow. The month of November is almost gone. What are your plans? We will be over at a friend’s Thanksgiving day. The Friday after Thanksgiving aka “Black Friday”. I am cooking for Josh and the boys. We are going to have our own Thanksgiving. The menu is full of goodness. And everyone knows Thanksgiving leftovers are the best. Plus Josh will be off four days in a row and one of those days is my birthday, so I will get to celebrate it with my three guys. Arthur told his Daddy that Mommy needs a robot birthday cake. Arthur is so funny. He and Adam make me smile everyday.

Last night Josh asked Adam if he could say Arthur. And he did in his cute little baby voice. Arthur had the biggest smile on his face. We recorded it on video. I can’t believe my baby bear is already 13 months old. Such cuteness is everywhere with my two little guys.

Well I am off to eat breakfast with the boys and make handprint turkeys with Arthur. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

My happy bear.









My little bookworm.  He loves to read.







peas and love….
Krys and the boys






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One thought on “Warm soup for a chilly day…

  1. I have yet to try that soup, but it sure looks yummy! Thanksgiving is always a LONG day for us.. Both of our parents are divorced, so we have to go 4 places usually! It’s tiring and there is never anything vegan except salad and fruit.. But this year we are having a vegan breakfast inviting family and friends- then off to make the rounds.. But are least I will be fueled for the day ahead. Enjoy your holiday! Crystal

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