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Fried goodness…..

The past two meals have been fried goodness. These are two dishes I haven’t made in a very long time. It was something we wanted and since we rarely eat fried food, we thought, why not? Wednesday night I made General Tso’s Tofu with broccoli. The recipe comes from vegweb. It is so good. The boys like the tofu and the sauce. They were a bit indifferent about the broccoli.







Last night I made a favorite amongst most vegans, especially vegans from the South. You guessed it, chickpea cutlets. They are so good. I doubled the recipe and froze the left over cutlets. I served them with a brown gravy, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. Yum. Adam and Arthur loved them. The funny thing about the meal was Arthur. He loves potatoes, but will not eat mashed potatoes. Strange. He will eat cubed potatoes, baked or fried, but something about mashed he does not like. Maybe it is a texture aversion. Adam likes mashed potatoes and they both liked the veggies.







Today is Friday. Yippee! What are your weekend plans? Arthur has his Campfire Kids meeting. It is going to be at a local farm. It is not a dairy farm, it is a vegetable farm and has chickens and pigs. The Campfire Kids counselor is also going to show them how butter is made. Even though there are no cows there, she thought the kids might enjoy it. I know Arthur will enjoy running through the vegetable patch and seeing the chickens and baby piglets. I just have to tell him he can’t pull fresh vegetables out of the ground and eat them. It is really funny. He did that at the last veggie farm we visited. He loves greens and he said “ooohh look”. And pulled off some lettuce leaves and ate them. I love my little veggie boy.

It is supposed to rain all day today. I plan on making some Italian “sausages” for tonites pizza. The boys are having spinach and cheeze pizzas and Josh and I are having “sausage”. spinach and cheeze pizza. A friend of mine gave us some Malabar spinach from her garden. I had never eaten this type of spinach before. I am not a fan of it raw, but it is very tasty cooked. It is the strangest spinach I have ever seen, it grows upwards on a vine. And has giant leaves. She said she has a ton and I can have as much as I want. She is not a fan of it. I plan to use some next week for an Indian potato dish.

Sunday we hope to visit my grandmother if weather permits. We will not see her on Thanksgiving so I wanted to visit her before then if possible. She lives about an hour and a half away. She is an awesome lady.

Time is flying by. My birthday is in 9 days. I will be old. I would tell you, but you might pass out in shock of my age. Hee hee. It is strange, I am at odds about my birthday this year. It is also my 5 year cancer anniversary. 5 years ago, we found out I had cancer and lost our first pregnancy because of it. Cancer pretty much killed the embryo, our future child and tried to get me. Thankfully I beat it and the chances of children were slim to none. But we conquered those odds and I am so blessed to have my two little guys. So, I say to cancer “you can suck it”.

Well I am off to eat some breakfast. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

My two little guys coloring together.  So cute.  I love it.







peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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3 thoughts on “Fried goodness…..

  1. Everything is better fried! I hope you celebrate this birthday with joy and gratitude, wishing you the best time!

  2. I love that tofu recipe! Even my husband who does eat the real thing really likes this dish- I haven’t made it in forever though- what a great idea! Happy early birthday 🙂
    and also more importantly happy anniversary!!! I’m so glad you are happy and healthy with your boys!

  3. Krys, I didn’t realise you’d had cancer. I’m so sorry you lost the baby and so glad that you now have such wonderful wee fellows! You’re a great mummy! (And your cooking stories are always inspirational!)

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