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Weekend update…..

How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good. Arthur had his scout meeting this weekend. He seemed to enjoy it. Josh had to work, so the boys I laid low on Saturday. We did a few craft projects. Arthur made some pipecleaner creatures which he loved. A while back he made acorn aliens. The project came from the Nickolodean website. He gave one to his Daddy to take to work. So sweet. He loves to paint, read and do projects with his hands. I try to implement a learning activity with the projects. And he especially loves animals so he can make a craft and learn fun facts. We made penguins out of toilet paper tubes. And he was excited to learn about penguins. When Josh got home, Arthur said “Daddy, penguins swim because they can’t fly. They eat fish and the daddies take care of the baby eggs.” I can’t wait until Adam can start to have learning time and craftiness with us. He sits with us during storytime for now.

 Pipecleaner monsters

Acorn aliens

Sunday was kind of a bummer for Arthur. Arthur started crying for me in the evening and then suddenly puked.  Poor guy looked so pale. Yesterday he seemed better, no more puke but still had a low fever. So I kept him on the recommended BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce & toast). It is a good diet for stomach bugs. He seems better today, but now has a little cough. When I called the nurse Sunday night, she said there have been no stomach bugs, just the flu and upper respitory illness. I hope he gets better soon. I hate to see my Boogie or Boo Boo feeling bad.

Friday night was our usual pizza night which is the best. We got a freeze that night as well. When we woke up Saturday morning it was 22 Farenheit. Which is cold for us. Super cold. Knowing that we were expecting a freeze, Friday afternoon I picked all of the green tomatoes off of the plants in our garden. I was growing beefsteak tomatoes. Some were huge, seriously as big as a grapefruit or larger. I was at first discouraged by all of my green tomatoes because I didn’t want to cook with them. I am not a fan of green tomato chutney or fried green tomatoes or even pickled green tomatoes. Josh tried one fresh off the vine and said they weren’t so great. I was fortunate enough to discover a website called “The Crunchy Chicken“. It is an environmental blog. It had a way for green tomatoes to ripen. And it was simple. Place the tomatoes in a paper bag, put an apple in the bag with the green tomatoes, close it and check on it in a week or two. I did this and it worked. Yippee! After I harvested over 80 green tomatoes ranging from grapefruit size to golf ball size I put them in two cardboard boxes, threw in an apple and now I am waiting for them to turn red. I am excited that they did not go to waste. When they are ready, I plan to make marinara and salsa.

An arse load of green tomatoes!

Well as most of you know, I participate in a vegan dinner co-op. The first week was a big success. I did my grocery shopping for the week yesterday and thanks to the dinner co-op, my bill this week was only $51. Woo hoo! I love saving money and this is great. I have a page on this blog showing my attempt to cutback on the grocery bill and how to save some dough.

Speaking of dinner co-op, I am off to do some cooking for the meal I am making this week. Hope you have a lovely day.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys







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  1. Man, that coop dinner thing looks rad. You are awesome!

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