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Saving dough…..

Tips for saving some money.  What are your’s?  I would love to hear.

-Make your own vegetable broth. The scraps you would normally throw in the compost, put in a freezer storage bag. Place in the freezer, once it is full, put it in a large stock pot with 10 cups of water. Boil, then simmer covered for about 2 hours, let cool. Pour into storage containers. Now you have 8-10 cups of homemade vegetable stock. Throw the boiled scraps in the compost pile. Just beware of using pepper leftovers, not unless you want hot stock.

-If a friend wants to meet for lunch. Suggest a picnic if weather permits. It saves dining out.

-Make your own sauces and dressings.

-Make your own mayo and sour cream.

-Make your own spice mixes.

-Make a weekly grocery budget and stick to it. Take cash only to the grocery store so you can’t go over your budget.

-Make a weekly menu.

-Start a dinner co-op.

-Buy in bulk.

-Shop the sales ad and make your menu according to what is on sale.

-Use a clothes line. It can drastically cut your electric.

-Wash your clothes in cold water.

-Make your own laundry soap.

-If you have a baby, use cloth diapers. They save money, are better for the environment and great for your baby.

-Take your lunch.

-Drink coffee at home instead of the coffee shop.

-Set aside a certain amount of money for entertainment.

-Eat out less.

-Save gas for your car, by carpooling, walking, riding a bike or taking the bus to work. A monthly bus pass is cheaper than weekly gas fill-up in your car.

-Host a potluck. You get to try a variety of food and you only made one dish.

-Use cloth napkins. Buying paper napkins, not only wastes money but also is not environmentally friendly.

-Shop at thrift stores. What you need just might be there. It is cheaper, helps a charity and you saved some cash.

-Make handmade gifts.

-Grow vegetables. Gardening is fun. And most places have a nice enough climate to produce a Spring, Summer and Fall garden.

-Can foods when possible. Then you can use them at a later date.

-Double recipes, such as soups or casseroles and freeze them to eat later.

-Make your own bread, buns, and rolls.

-Make your own burger patties.

-Trade with others. Example: If you bake and a friend has a garden, trade veggies for baked goods.

-Make your own cleaning products. It is cheaper and better on the environment.

-Make your own insect repellent.

-Wash dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher. It is a waste of money and water.

-Make your own granola. It is cheaper than buying it for $5 a pound and even more.

-Make your own desserts (cupcakes, pies, cookies, etc). Tastes much better than the store bought ones.

-Give gifts of food.

-Exercise outdoors or at home instead of going to a gym. There is no membership to workout at home or on the grass.

-Seek free activities in your city. (free yoga day, free museum day)

-If you go to a movie, go to a matinee.

-Take your own snacks to the movie theatre.

-Drink more water and less soda. Your wallet and kidneys will thank you.

-Make your own applesauce. Easy to make and smells so good simmering in the crockpot.

-Buy only produce that is on sale or discounted.

-Make your own baby food.

-Shop your local Asian Market. You can get tofu, rice vinegar, sesame oil, wonton wrappers, eggroll wrappers and other Asian cuisine items for cheap.

-Buy bags of potatoes. They are cheaper by the pound when bought in a bag.

-Dehydrate your own fruit and veggies.

-Make your own preserves.

-Check out books from your local library instead of buying them.

-Host a clothes swap.

-Make your own ice cream.

-Make your own seitan.

-Make your own soyrizo.

-Use dry beans for cooking, they are much cheaper than the canned ones.

-Make your own jerky (tofu jerky).

-Make your own granola bars.


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2 thoughts on “Saving dough…..

  1. Jeannette on said:

    Something that has been saving me a lot of money is making all my own beans from scratch rather than from cans, and making my own tempeh bacon, tvp meat crumbles, and soy chorizo.

  2. I want to make my own granola bars. And I TOTALLY agree, dry beans are the way to go. SUPER cheap, at less than $2 for a pound which makes hella hella beans!

    I also want to try to make soyrizo. I have many cooking plans for after my fianl Saturday morning. yip!

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