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Finally an update….

Hello there. How was your Christmas break? Our’s was nice. It was low key which is even better. We were going to visit family on Christmas Eve but it was sleeting and the roads were not safe to travel. The boys had a great Christmas. And they gave me the most awesome gift ever. An apron with their picture on it. I love it. I told Josh that I didn’t want it to get dirty. He laughed.

Couscous dish


Chickpea cutlets




Cabbage rolls

For our holiday feast, I cooked up some goodness. Our fridge is full of leftovers. Which Josh and I both love. Tofurky season only comes twice a year so we strike while the iron is hot. We actually thought about doing a holiday feast in July just so we could have an excuse to eat tofurky and all the fixins. Ha ha. For our holiday dinner, I baked a tofurky, made mockloaf, mashed potatoes, chipotle sweet potatoes, bread, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, gravy, pumpkin pie and chocolate pecan pie. All vegan of course. Some of my friends were surprised that all this food goodness was vegan. Ha! Vegan and awesome!

All the food ready to be eaten.





A plate full of goodness.




Mmm pie.

I also made some cranberry caramel bars. Holy tofu! These bars were to die for. I saw on Facebook that a fellow vegan friend made these for a potluck. I used the caramel sauce recipe from The PPK. The recipe comes from a site called They are so freakin’ good. You should definitely give them a try.


Poor Arthur fell today while trying to sit at the kitchen table. When he slipped while trying to sit down he bit through his bottom lip. Thankfully he did not need stitches, but he is definitely going to have a bruise and a swollen lip for a while. I felt so bad for him. Ugh.Well next week is the New Year. Can you believe it? What are your plans? Do you have any resolutions for the New Year?

I am off to eat some leftovers for dinner. Hope you have a lovely day.


 peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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9 thoughts on “Finally an update….

  1. My main goal is to get to 75% raw food… and just continue following the yoga path! Sorry about Arthur- poor guy 😦

  2. Awww I love that apron, how adorable! And all of your food looks fantastic, as usual! Merry Christmas!

  3. Mmmmm, chipotle sweet potatoes, what a great idea!

  4. The apron rocks! I have yet to find a vegan pumpkin pie recipe that we all like…still working on it. As we try to avoid unfermented soy it is difficult at best. But we had lots of other goodies including the best olive oil/garlic mashed potatoes ever!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I will certainly be back to drool over you yummy food and peek at your darling boys…I have four of those myself! Kim

  5. looks good momma!

  6. Chicpea cutlets sounds super fun. I am also very interested in the cabbage rolls…. hmm….

  7. That food looks delicious – and I’m getting a hankering for cabbage rolls right now! Glad you had a good Christmas! My main resolutions are to control my budget more consistently and stop smoking! Fingers crossed…

  8. Delicious looking food, as usual. And adorable boys, ditto! What a great apron! Glad you had a good holiday! We’ve been confined to the house with thick snow and ice all around. Difficult to walk outside, far less drive! But we’ve been enjoying it…

  9. What an awesome feast! And what a cute apron! I totally understand why you don’t want to get it dirty. I received a very special handmade apron a while ago and I only wear it to cook “safe” things, so no tomatoes, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, chocolate, or anything that would ruin it.

    Poor Arthur! I hope his little lip gets better soon!

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