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Happy New Year!!!!

Did you eat your blackeyed peas? We did. New year’s day we woke up, ate breakfast and hit the lake trail. We did 5 miles. Zeke went with us. I was concerned he wouldn’t be able to go that far, but he did with no problem. He had fun sniffing around, running along side the jogger and watching Arthur feed the ducks. I plan to go 5 miles today once it warms up outside. I signed up for a half-marathon at the end of this month, so I had better get my rear in gear. I have done one before. I ran my first marathon and half marathon in 2008 when I was first pregnant with Adam. It was great and definitely keeps you in shape. Okay, back to the blackeyed peas. For lunch we had Texas Cavier. Not to worry, no fish were harmed in the making of this dish. It is a recipe from Vegan Soul Kitchen. Do you have this cookbook? If not, I highly recommend it. As a Southern girl, the food is terrific and nothing beats soul food, it is the best kind of comfort food. Oh how I love the genius of Bryant Terry. I saw him cooking with Emeril (Bam!) on TV. It was great to watch two terrific chefs cook together. The Texas Cavier was simple to make, and has blackeyed peas in it. Josh had never had Texas Cavier. He liked it a lot. I served it with some tortilla chips, cheeze quesadillas, salsa and guacamole.

Texas Cavier!


For New Year’s Day dinner, we had a big bowl of blackeyed peas. They were delicious. I had them simmering in the crockpot all day. I also added some crispy tempeh bacon to the peas. Yum. We ate the peas with some cornbread muffins. Josh had never eaten blackeyed peas for the New Year. I guess it is just a Southern thing. He said in the East Coast blackeyed peas are not very common.

A big ol’ bowl of blackeyed peas.


Cornbread muffins.

Have you started your New Year resolutions? I have a few and think I can keep them. I was happy to see that I kept all of last year’s resolutions. One resolution I am excited about is our roadtrip to Florida. The boys did so well travelling to New Mexico last year, that we plan to go visit Josh’s brother in Florida this year. And we will get to drive through some great Southern states, Louisiana, Missisipi, Alabama and then hit Florida. We plan to spend a few days in New Orleans which I think will be awesome, there is so much history there as well as excellent music. We are hoping to have the roadtrip in Summer or Fall depending on everyone’s schedule.

Another resolution that I am super excited about is gardening. Our place has a huge backyard, so we will be able to have a big garden and still room for the boys and pups to play. I tried a small garden last Fall and had so many beefsteak tomatoes, I had to freeze them. I grew some lettuce and peas as well. We plan to start tilling the area for the garden this month and then go to a natural garden center here that has a lot of wonderful supplies for organic gardening. I can’t wait. Plus the boys will enjoy it as well.

Well, it is the weekend. As promised to Boogie aka Arthur, we are going to make cupcakes. He is my little baker’s apprentice. Today we are making chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream icing. Mmmm.

I almost forgot to mention. New Year’s Eve we took the boys to “First Night”. It is a festival of sorts for the family. We went to the festival grounds. There were booths for the kids to do projects, swings on the trees for everyone to use. Food booths. Now the food booths were of course not vegan friendly whatsoever. I will let the picture tell the tale. We left the festival grounds and headed into downtown to hear some music. Being bummed about the flesh filled booths we were hoping to hear some eclectic music before the weather turned to cold. The temperatures were quickly dropping. As we were walking past city hall, the skies parted and a beam of sunlight shown down on one particular booth. Okay, there was no sunlight nor clouds parting, but it would have been that way in my dream. I told Josh, “LOOK!” And there to my surprise and utter joy was a booth showing a sign, vegan cupcakes. Yippee! Insert Snoopy dance here. We went over to the booth and a lovely lady was selling them. I told her we were vegan and mentioned I had a blog. She asked what the name of it was and I told her. She said she had heard of me. Wow, I thought that was pretty cool. We ordered two cupcakes. Smiling, thinking to myself, that would be my dream job, baking vegan goodies. We happily walked back to our car while watching the last sunset of 2009.




A little taste of heaven.





A very happy little boy.





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7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!!

  1. jumbleberryjam on said:

    We always have blackeyed peas and rice with collard greens on new year’s day! I never get around to making cornbread with it, but you’ve inspired me to make some to supplement leftovers today 🙂

    Aaaah, to run. I don’t know when I’ll get my shoes on again, but I sure need it!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Looks like you all have a great time!! I did not have black eyed peas.. but I will have to remember that for next year. Congrats on signing up for that half marathon.. I want to do one as well.. maybe some time in the next few months if I can find one locally. I want to hear all about it!!

  3. This year was also my first year to have black eyed peas on New Year’s day. I had never made them before, but they were a real hit. I served them up with some chipotle corn bread from Vegan Planet. yummm.

  4. Isn’t running with your dog the best. I take my dog Fonzie and everytime I think he can’t go as far as I want and he always makes it with energy to spare.

  5. I never knew about the black eyed pea tradition. I like how you had two different ones. We didn’t have our black eyed peas on new years day. I am a big fan of the bean though 🙂

  6. Your boys look so adorable in their matching hoodies! I’m planning on taking up running this year in addition to my swimming to kick my ass back into shape – I hear once you’re hooked you’re hooked for life, here’s hopin’! I lovelovelove smothered blackeyed peas, but in Scotland we have our own tradition of steak pie on New Years Day, so I always make sure to bake our own veggie version with flaky puff pastry, a mixture of mushrooms (shitake being my favourite if I can get them) and rich onion gravy. Served with waxy boiled potatoes, carrots and sprouts this is some good eating!

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