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Good morning. How are you? It is a bit chilly here and the temperature continues to drop. Of course there is no snow. Just cold and windy. Arthur starts a dance class today. He is very excited. I think he will enjoy it. I just had to tell him that he is not allowed to dance in his underwear like he does at home. Silly boy! The food this week has been terrific. For our Monday co-op meal, we were served a


Provencal Chickpea Soup . The recipe comes from the cookbook Mediterranean Harvest. It was delicious. Very warm and comforting. It is a dish that I will make in the future. It was served with a salad and bread. The salad was tasty. Josh said the yellow tomatoes tasted like candy and he could not get enough. He liked them so much that there was none for my salad. Tomato-stealer! The soup came with croutons on top and drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So good. Tuesday night we were served a Creamy Broccoli & Mushroom Bake, the recipe is from VeganYumYum. The meal came with a side of braised baby bok choy w/ shallots and baked apples. It was terrific. Even Arthur who loathes broccoli ate a serving of the main dish. I will make this meal again as well. And the baby bok choy was to die for. It was so good. I love bok choy, but seem to always forget about it. The boys of course inhaled the baked apple. It is such a healthy and simple dessert, that kids think they are getting a sweet treat when in disguise, it is a healthy treat. Last night I made Ethiopian food. I “heart” Ethiopian food and since it is pricy to dine out for such a meal, a long time ago I opted to attempt to make my own. I found the recipes in the cookbook zine Papa Tofu. It is written by KitteeKake who is an awesome vegan from New Orleans. For the meal I made Yemiser W’et which is lentils in a spicy red sauce, Gomen aka collard greens, and some Ethiopian spiced potatoes. I estimated the meal to cost around $17.00. Pretty good for feeding 8 adults. And you couldn’t feed 8 adults for that cheap at the local Ethiopian restaurant. All the veggies used were organic and the tomatoes were free since they came from our Fall garden. We were fortunate enough to produce an arse load of beefsteak tomatoes. Everyone in the co-op said they really enjoyed it.

Soup and salad.



Broccoli and Mushroom Bake w/baby bok choy

Ethiopian Food.


I let one of the mom’s in the co-op borrow my Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook. Tonite she is bringing us the white bean and roasted garlic soup with bread, a salad and carrot raisin muffins. Last week she made the Asian tofu recipe and served it with rice and steamed kale. So good. I am definitely benefitting from her borrowing my book. Have I mentioned how much I love this dinner co-op. You should try to start one. It is fun, gives you a few nights off from cooking and cuts down on the grocery bill. You can’t beat that.

Well I am off to get the boy up for the day and get Arthur ready for dance class. I will let you know how it goes. It is a combination dance class, tap, ballet, and jazz.

Hope you have a lovely day. Stay warm.



peas and love….
Krys and the boys



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5 thoughts on “Brrr…..

  1. That soup looks great! I always feel like it is more fun to eat Ethiopian food then it is tasty. Oh well.

  2. That soup looks so tasty! Its unseasonably super cold here too and I could really go for a hearty bowl of soup.

  3. I had THE BEST bowl of spicy mixed bean soup courtesy of my friend’s mum today for lunch. Say what you like, but Scottish Grannies know how to make soup! Rory goes to dance class on a Saturday morning with Meg and he absolutely loves it! He does the same sort of class as Arthur – 45 minutes of tap, ballet and jazz. And as an unexpected bonus I’ve also noticed an improvement in his co-ordination since he started classes in September. Hope Arthur enjoys his classes as much as my little bum-wiggling ladies’ man!

  4. I’m catching up again, here, Krys!
    Your raspberry muffins look great and I have all the ingredients here…
    I, too, am hanging up washing rather than using the tumbledrier, but not outside, even under the porch. It’s SO cold and damp – the coldest weather for 30 years apparently! And snow all around. I’ll blog about it soon…
    I so envy you the food co-op. I’m afraid if we started one here we’d go very hungry! We know two other vegans in Dunblane. Apart from them, the nearest we know is over 20 miles away…
    Your two wee guys look so sweet cuddled up together in their cosy hats! Hope Arthur enjoyed his dance class! 🙂

  5. Go Arthur! The little lord of the dance! 🙂

    I am planning an Ethiopian meal, possibly, for a special little something I’m working on. Enjoy your tasty co-op!

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