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Oh Hazel…..

how I love you.  Hazelnut that is.  And to be more exact, Hazelnut Coconut Milk Creamer.  Oh my!  Iwas at the grocery store doing my usual weekly shopping when from a distance I noticed something I had never seen before.  Coconut creamer.  And then I saw the Hazelnut Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer.  Hello?  Where have you been all my life?  It was an impulse buy, but I just had to do it.  The creamer is a wonderful creation from Turtle Mountain.  They are the makers of all the delicious frozen non-dairy treats you see in your freezer case.  I purchased the creamer and was looking forward to a nice cup of joe today.  I woke up this morning and poured some in my coffee.  It smelled really nice I must say.  Then for the taste.  It was a little taste of heaven in my coffee.   It was creamy, had a hint of coconut and a hint of hazelnut.  A perfect combination.  It made this morning’s coffee one of the best I have ever had.  If your store carries it, you should try it. It is definitely worth purchasing.  Like I said, “heaven in a cup”.  Yum!

Last night for our co-op meal we were delivered a white bean and roasted garlic soup.  It is a recipe from VWAV.  It is one of my favorite soups.  But then again, I love anything with garlic, well almost anything with garlic.  It might be gross in dessert. Hee hee.  It was served with bread and a salad.  Which was perfect since the temperature was quickly dropping.  Last night it was 19F.  That is cold for us.  Very cold.  I keep hoping for snow.  The boys loved the bread.  I was happy to see that there were leftovers for today.

Soup garnished with croutons and fresh parsley.

Tonite we are going to happy hour at a local restaurant.  We are going to celebrate a friend’s job promotion.  As usual, if I find out we are going to a place we have never been before, I check the menu online to see  if there is anything we can eat.  Being a vegan as most of you know can be difficult at a place that serves bar fare.  I looked at the menu.  The items for us are chips and salsa, french fries, a side salad and maybe a veggie burger.  Some as you know are not vegan.  And the veggie burger with fries cost 9 bucks.  What the hell?!?! That is pricy. I told Josh I plan to eat before going and just much on some chips and salsa. Ugh.

Okay, so I saw this on Facebook.  A friend posted the link.  It made me laugh.  Because I thought, they have to be kidding.  Nope, they are serious.  Taco Bell, the fast food chain is telling people to start their New  Year out by being healthy and doing the “Taco Bell diet”.  No joke.  Wow, that boggles my mind.  Check out the article.

So, baby bear Adam is walking even more. Last night he took about 20 steps. I think he will most likely stop crawling all together in a week or two and start running.  Boy are we in trouble.  He is still wobbly when he walks.  It is so cute.  And big brother Arthur will hold his hands and say “I’ve got you brother, don’t worry.”  It is so sweet.  And Adam is our climber.  Arthur never was.  He climbs everything and is fearless. I caught him the other day climbing the end table next to the couch.  Look out!  I think he will be our extreme sports kid.

Well, it is the weekend.  Have any plans?  I am going for  a run tomorrow morning.  The 1/2 marathon is at the end of the month, so I really need to get at 8 miles in tomorrow. I have been working out indoors the past few days due to the weather.  Sunday we have a birthday party to attend.  And as always, Arthur and I bake some type of dessert on the weekend. He told me that this weekend he wanted to make silly face cookies.  That should be fun.  And tomorrow is pizza night since we are going to happy hour this evening.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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10 thoughts on “Oh Hazel…..

  1. Oh, that hazelnut creamer looks good! I’ve never seen it over here, though. 😦
    I know what you mean about eating before you go out for a ‘meal’. We do that, too!
    Arthur is so sweet. I love the way he looks after his wee brother. I’ve often heard that brothers don’t have good relationships because of male rivalry, but your two are obviously exceptions! You’ve done a ggod job with them! 🙂
    Good luck with your half marathon. My plump wee body would never manage anything like that. Mind you, even when I was young and very slim, I was never what you’d call athletic! 🙂

  2. lazysmurf on said:

    I have been loving the coconut creamer too! It is delcious! And not soy!

    I saw the taco bell commercial the other day, even the ad looked like a joke like even they weren’t taking themselves seriously.

  3. Oh Krys! You’re taunting me with that creamer/coffee talk. I’m off coffee (and other things) for 26 days (18 days left!). And I LOVE that coconut creamer. Ugh! I want it so bad.

    And yes, the Taco Bell diet is INSANE!

  4. my younger one is the climber too, scares me to death! He’s been head first off the sofa a few times already and also ends up wedged between the end of the sofa and the end table! Climbing frames at parks are doubly scary as I’m trying to help out the older one (who is still a bit scared of climbing) and stop the little one from falling or throwing himself off things! It’s so funny how different siblings can be especially as you’d expect the younger one to follow what the older one does, but my littlely seems to be making up his own rules!

    The co-op meals look great, I think we’re the only vegan family in our village though so it wouldn’t work here unfortunately, I’d love someone to bring good food to our house a few times a week and get rid of that ‘what the hell am I going to make tonight’ feeling!

  5. I love that white bean soup. Today I went food shopping and forgot to buy GARLIC! I am down to about 3 cloves. Can you imagine? Happy weekend!

  6. Taco Bell Diet? Hahahaha! That is priceless.

  7. guuurl it is going to be in the teens in the am tomorrow!! I am going to try and run as well. I have the running hear for it, but my will… that is a different story. have fun!

  8. Hi there Vegan Mom of two vegan boys.
    I can’t remember if I have come over to say Thank you for coming by my blog. It was most appreciated. And thank you for introducing me to yours, which I will now begin to enjoy.
    As you may know, I am not a vegan but a vegetarian. But I do make a lot of vegan food. Just a couple of days ago, I made my first ever vegan Sloppy Joes and actually enjoyed them. Many Happy New Years to you and your family.

  9. coconutgurl on said:

    The Taco Bell Diet for health? Who are they kidding?

    I love So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer! I’ve been enjoying the French Vanilla flavor in my chai tea. I haven’t tried the Hazelnut, but you make it sound so good, I’ll have to try it next time!

    How sweet is your little Arthur? That is just so precious!

  10. veganhomemade on said:

    I also love the hazelnut coconut creamer, and I also laughed at the idea of a Taco Bell diet! Try the vanilla coconut creamer too, if you get the chance…it’s great.

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