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Around the world….

Travelling the world via your tastebuds.  This genius idea is from River.  And I love it.  Check out the details on her blog.  I am going to try to make a unique cuisine from another country at least twice a month.  I don’t know if I will choose countries alphabetically or what.  I will have to ponder that one.  Now I am excited and want to start searching the world wide web for unique dishes from other countries.  Thank you River for such a creative idea.  I can’t wait to start this taste journey.

Monday night our co-op meal was “meat”loaf in the shape of muffins.  They were cooked in a muffin tin.  Served with mashed potatoes and a beet salad.  It was great.  The “meat” loaf was one of the best I have had in a long time.  And I love the idea of baking it in a muffin tin.  Here is the recipe.

Tonite’s dinner was just as tasty.  We had a dinner pie made from swiss chard, fresh from the garden.  A side salad and a pineapple fried quinoa dish.  It was delicious.  Little bear Adam ate a slice of the swiss chard dinner pie.  The couscous was terrific. I am so happy there are leftovers for tomorrow.  Yum!

Well, my half-marathon is less than two weeks away.  Yikes.  I am both anxious and excited.  Today I did hills. Just 4 miles, but man they sucked.  Especially when you push 90lbs.  That is the combined weight of both boys and their double jogger.  Oy!  Tomorrow we are doing 8 miles around the lake and there is one big hill I loathe.  It is bad going up it by yourself, let alone with 90lbs to push.  Oh the joys of running. 

I am off to fold some laundry and sit on my arse for a bit. Hope you have a lovely evening.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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10 thoughts on “Around the world….

  1. Krys, I’m exhausted just reading about your running! You must be SO FIT!

  2. Wow- 90 lbs!! that’s intense, and I thought that getting back into running was hard.. but this changes my perspective! I’m so glad to see that you have been able to get some good runs in before your race. Cute mini- meat loaves!

  3. Those ‘meat’loaf muffins are adorable! What a clever idea.

    Good luck on your half marathon, can’t wait to hear all about it.

  4. YAY Krys!! I am so happy that you’re joining E.A.T World! Whatever you decide to do, alphabetically or not, will be awesome! My travels started off alphabetically, but that will probably change if I get bored with that. Next on my itinerary are Brazil, Cuba and Denmark. After that, who knows! 🙂

    The training for your marathon sounds like a killer!! Wow, that is very impressive! You have definitely earned some sitting-on-your-arse time! 😀

  5. What a fun idea! I need to try foods from more varied cultures. I tend to get stuck in an Indian/Asian food rut.

  6. Love the mini-meatloaf muffins idea and the eating round the world – must check out River’s blog for details! Good on you with the running – I know how much I used to struggle pushing a buggy up our hill with just one child in, never mind two! You’re a brave one!

  7. Mmmmm, I’m getting jealous of this dinner co-op!

  8. Your pineapple fried quinoa dish sounds tasty. Do you know where I can find the recipe?

  9. Glad to see your still doing the meal co-op. The food sounds delicious! How fun running with the babes!

  10. You are super awesome with your marathon training Krys – a real inspiration! Happy to hear your playing along with E.A.T World! I’ll look forward to your blog posts. Awesome looking little mini meatloafs and I’m curious; what’s a dinner pie?
    Happy New Year to you and all your boys.

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