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This week we have  a sub for the co-op.  Actually, she will be subbing for the next 4-6 weeks.  On Monday, she brought over curried lentils with a side of green beans, a beet and carrot salad.  And for a treat, dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  The lentils were delicious.  They had pototoes in them as well.  The cookies, heaven in my mouth.  What’s not to like?

In “Eating Around the World” news, thanks to the co-op this week, we visited two more countries, Tunisia and India.  Tuesday we were delivered a Tunisian couscous dish with brussels wraps on the side.  The couscous had potatoes, chickpeas, onions and bell peppers.  So good.  The recipe comes from Vegan Fire and Spice.  The wraps were my favorite.  They were full of sweet potatoes and a cilantro lime dressing.  So good. 

For my co-op meal, I made Indian food.  I made curry tofu, with tamarind lentils and samosa stuffed potatoes.  The meal was a little more work than I would have preferred.  But it was so worth it.  Very tasty.  All three recipes came from Veganomicon.  And the cost to feed everyone was around $21.  Not to bad.  Thankfully the store sells organic potatoes in a bag.  So, that helped to keep the cost low.  It was a very satisfying meal.

Well, the 1/2 marathon is this Sunday.  I am excited.  Josh and the boys are coming along and the weather is supposed to be perfect.  As a treat we are going to the Vegan Bakesale for Haiti after the race.  A well deserved prize for completing a 1/2 marathon and it is for a good cause.  The place where it is being held is still under discussion.  But if it is at a particular bookstore, the race my be going past it, so I might grab some goodies while running by.  That would be kind of funny.  By the way, if you are able to, please donate to the Red Cross.  The people of Haiti really need some help right now.  Any amount will do.  And please remember all the families in your prayers.

I am off to Arthur’s dance class, then to the store.  We are making cupcakes and cookies for Arthur’s Campfire Kids group tomorrow.  They are doing a lesson about insects.  So, we are going to have the kids decorate cupcakes to make ladybugs and cookies to make spiders.  Fun!  I will post pictures of all the bug goodness later. 

Hope everyone has a lovely day.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys

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16 thoughts on “Curry……

  1. lazysmurf on said:

    We found a spot! The bakesale is going to be at ten thousand villages on South Congress from 12-4. I hope to see you guys after the race!

  2. Everything looks yummy! Especially your curry tofu and samosa-stuffed taters. I’ve really been wanting to try that tater recipe.

  3. Yum! Green beans seem to be everywhere right now. I see they snuck into your picture as well! Love this blog!

  4. Two countries in one post! You are awesome and you are kicking my butt! 😀

    That Tunisian couscous looks very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever had couscous with potatoes before but they are two of my favorite things so it must be delicious!

    Your Indian food looks SO good! The samosa stuffed potato looks like it was worth all the work! I am torn between India, Italy and Ireland for my I entry.

    I hope that Arthur has a great time with all the campfire buggy fun! Enjoy the marathon!! 🙂

  5. Good luck for Sunday! Make sure to post pix! xo

  6. Your food always makes my mouth water and inspires me to head for the kitchen! I’d love to see a photo of where you create all these delicious meals! Also, I really should use V’con more often…
    Hope Arthur enjoys his Campfire Kids night! Those goodies sound great!
    Your Vegan Bakesale for Haiti sounds like a wonderful idea. Hope you can raise lots of money for those poor souls… And good luck with the half marathon! Walking the dogs twice a day is quite enough for me!

  7. Wow, thank you for letting me know you make my raw vegan cheesecake! I am so glad you let me know so I could find your blog!

    You have tons of great food on here and i love the idea of the Around the World & ethnic cuisine themed meals. And of course your kids are precious..and i like that you are mindful of budget when cooking as i can read between the lines in your posts. So important as a mom!


  8. Everything looks FAB Krys – I LOVE the wraps – such a healthy idea. Good luck on Sunday – I’ll be rooting for you.

  9. call me tomorrow when you head to 1000 villages and I will meet you.

  10. Hey Krys! Is it OK if I post your picture of that yummy Indian meal (and link back to this post) on my next E.A.T World entry? How was the marathon? 🙂

  11. Are you still blogging? Can I be on your blog roll? My brand-new vegan blog is called “One Inspired Chef”. Thanks 🙂

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