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Weekend update…..

Good morning.  How was your weekend?  Our’s was great.  I will first start off with the food.  Thursday we were served tamales, black beans and a Mexican spiced rice for our co-op meal.  A side salad was included.  The tamales were from a local vegan/vegetarian restaurant.  They were tofu and sunflower seed tamales.  So good.  I hope to one day make tamales.  When I do, I plan to make a ton and a large variety to freeze.  Friday is our usual pizza night, but after running around all day, I was too tired to make pizza dough. I opted for a baked ziti dish with garlic bread.  It was simple and delicious.  The cooked ziti was mixed with a cup of Veganaise, some cut up Italian “sausage” pieces, and a cup of homemade marinara.  I put it in a 8×8 baking dish. Poured marinara all over the top and sprinkled it with FYH cheeze.  Josh was skeptial about the Veganiase in the pasta, but once he tried it, he informed me that it was very tasty.  I have to agree.  We all loved it.  Adam inhaled a serving and Arthur was pleased with the dish.  He has been our picky eater lately.  When he sees a meal on the table he is unsure of, he tells me “that’s not my favorite.”  Silly boy!  Saturday I got my hair cut.  I have a pixie cut now.  Which I love. 

Baked ziti

Sunday was the 1/2 marathon.  We woke the boys up at 5:45am.  Considering how early it was, there were no meltdowns or crying.  We arrived at the starting line 15 minutes early. When all of a sudden there was an announcement regarding the weather.  It was really windy and due to the high winds, the city was delaying the race to make sure it was safe for all the runners.  The wind was blowing the barracades away from the race route and cars were driving where the runners would soon be.  After 45 minutes of waiting.  The race was about to start.  It was funny, Josh and I were waiting for the start gun when he said “look over there.”  Standing next to me was a team with red running jerseys.  The coporate sponsor was the Beef Council.  Their jerseys said “fueled by beef.”  That made me laugh.  Because later in the race, we passed several of them and I said, we were fueled by vegetables.  They giggled.  Once the race finally began,  Josh noticed that we were the only people pushing a double jogger.  90 pounds of kids and jogger.  There were two other people pushing single joggers.  5500 people participated in the 1/2 marathon and this was Josh’s first 1/2 marathon.  We are by no means fast runners. We split running and power walking. Which is better on your joints.  We divided the time pushing the boys too.  He pushed for the first half of the race and I took over the last half. There were a lot of hills through out the course which was a pain in the arse, but downhill was nice.  I love seeing every age, shape and size of people doing the race.  It is very inspiring.  I loved doing it with my family and the coolest part of the race was a surprise from a good friend.  Right before the 3 mile marker, our dear friend Leanne was standing on the sidewalk with her 2 year old son and a handmade sign saying “Go K–ans!”  She waited in the cold and the wind as well as a 45 minute delay to cheer us on during our race.  We stopped and gave her  a big hug.  Wow!  Now that is an awesome friend.  And definitely motivates you too.

After the race we stopped by the vegan bakesale to benefit Haiti. It was hosted by Smurfette and several others.  I also got to meet Smurfette in person.  She is awesome!  It was cool to meet some other local vegans in person.  That I have always spoken to online or via email.  The bake sale had two tables full of heavenly goodness.  Arthur saw the goodies and kept pointing to items  he ‘needed’. I had $12 on me, so I got two oatmeal cream cookies, a chocolate cupcake with pb icing and a red velvet cupcake.  I wish I had more cash on me, because I would have walked out with a lot more goodies. 

Tables full of baked goodies. 

I  almost forgot to mention.  At Arthur’s Campfire Kids group on Friday, they did a lesson on bugs.  They learned about how bugs are our friends and they help our plants and in the garden.  The kids made catapillars with carrots and cucumber slices using cream cheese to hold them together.  I baked for all the kids so they could make ladybug cupcakes and spider cookies.  The kids and parents loved all of the baked vegan goodies and had a blast making the ladybugs and spiders.  It was fun and made some really cute treats.


Well, I am off to get the boys down for a nap.  Hope everyone has a lovely week.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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6 thoughts on “Weekend update…..

  1. Well done with completing your half marathon! (Your pixie cut looks cute!) And the delicious looking stuff at the bakesale is making me wish I weren’t trying to lose weight! I love the buggie goodies! You’re a busy lady! 🙂

  2. Congrats of the 1/2 marathon- and while pushing the boys!! You guys really are incredible!! Vegan goodies look so yumm, and I’m sure the boys had a great time inhaling those goodies!!! How adorable are those ladybugs and spiders!?! You are so crafty! Have a great week dear 🙂

  3. lazysmurf on said:

    Congrats again on the marathon! Maybe next Christmastime we can have a vegan tamale making party! One of my friends does it with her whole family every year as a tradition. It would be fun to do it vegan style.

  4. How awesome that you all did the marathon together! What a cool adventure and what a big challenge to do it with a heavy, fully loaded double jogger! Your friend Leanne is awesome, how nice of her to wait for you with that sign! The “fueled by beef” thing is hilarious too! 😀

    Those buggy treats are so cute!! ❤

  5. Love the pixie cut – big fan of short hair over here! Well done on the marathon with the double jogger! No mean feat! And I love the sound of whacking some vegan mayo into a pasta bake – what a great idea!

  6. I’m glad the boys enjoyed my cream pies! 🙂 Next time I’ll introduce myself!

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