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Co-op food…..

The co-op is alive and kicking.  Our Monday sub is doing great with the meals too.  This week she delivered spanikopita, falafel, pitas, a cucumber salad, tahini sauce and a chocolate tofu pie with fresh strawberries on top.  Delicious!

Last night we were delivered a mustard green and tomato soup with brown rice and lemon rosemary baked tofu.  The soup was served over the rice.  It was light and very tasty.  The tofu was superb.  I was very impressed with the meal because the mum who delivered it has a sick child at home and she did a great job on the food.

Monday we went to the zoo.  Normally I cannot stand the zoo, but this is not your typical zoo.  It is an animal sanctuary here in the city.  All the animals are rescued either from the circus, idiot owners, and other places that had no business having a wild animal.  We saw lions, monkeys, tortoises, potbellied pigs, lamas, bears, tigers.  “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.”  You name it.  It made me sad to read the stories of how the animals got to the sanctuary, but happy to know that they now have a forever home, they are loved, cared for and being treated very well.  They can never go back into the wild due to the fact that they were all around humans.  The boys loved seeing the animals.  Arthur was in heaven and Adam just stared and smiled.  They loved petting the goats and sheep.  Arthur was a bit hesitant where as Adam was ready to climb into the pen with the animals.  It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely picnic while we were there.

A female lion staring us down and ready to spray us.  The caretaker had a sign saying she likes to spray the visitors.  Yuck!  She is a naughty girl. 

A sweet giant tortoise.  One of my favorite animals.

Riding the zoo train with Boogie.

Very friendly goats.  Adam loved them.

Josh and Boo Boo.

Well I am off to deliver my co-op meal.  I cooked Jamaican food.  Details on tomorrow’s post.  Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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6 thoughts on “Co-op food…..

  1. oh my gosh – the pie looks great! Thanks for sharing the zoo trip. It sounds like a great place.

  2. I bet you want the sub to stay around permanently! She’s bringing over some lovely stuff!
    I got a shock at first when I saw you’d been to a zoo, but I should have realised! This looks like a good place for those poor animals to end up in. You can just see the delight in Adam’s fae when he’s stroking the goat! He would like to visit my sister, Sylvia. She has two rescue billy goats and a rescue male sheep. (No-one wants male goats or sheep: they don’t give birth to babies or make milk… 😦 )

  3. The Austin Zoo is awesome!

  4. Gurl, I am jealous of your vegan coop.

  5. All the food that you’ve been getting lately from the co-op looks so awesome! I wish there was something like that around here, but I have never even met another Vegan in person!

  6. The pie! I want the pie! Chocolate and strawberries – I don’t think it gets any better than that!

    I’m so glad you guys had a great time at the zoo, which sounds lovely by the way. Those poor animals are lucky to have ended up somewhere where they are respected and protected.

    Aww, Adam loves that goat and the goat seems to love Adam too. Goats are such cool animals.

    I am excited about your Jamaican food!! I’ll have to dig out my Bob Marley CD! 😀

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