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Pay it forward….

Today I received a “pay it forward” gift from Mangocheeks of the Allotment 2 Kitchen.  If you have not seen her blog, please do so.  Her food pictures and recipes sound heavenly and she is just a lovely person.  I am glad to call her my friend.  I have a handful of friends in Scotland now.  So look out when we come to visit your country.  We will be making the rounds.  Back to the “pay it forward” package.  I swear she has been to my house, because the package was all Scottish which is what my kitchen is.  Seriously!  Josh asked ‘how did she know?”  I said, “I know.  It’s freakin’ awesome.”  She sent two Scottish tea towels, a porridge spurtle, and two wristbands that say ‘everyone is different’.   It is an anti-bullying campaign.  Which Arthur loved.  My boys are half Jewish and have Scottish and Irish ancestry.  Nothing makes me angrier than a comment about Arthur being a ginger.  I love his red hair and I love my sons.  They could have been born with purple hair.  I do not care.  I also get pissed at negative comments towards the Jewish race and religion.  Any negative comment towards any person because they are different pisses me off.  Sorry, but it does.  Anyway, I love my package, it is so me.  Now, it is my turn to pay it forward.  If you want to participate, please leave a comment on my blog.  I will randomly pick a name this weekend and if you are chosen, I will contact you and forward you some goodies that are from my fair city.  The person selected will then pay it forward to someone else.

Pay it forward goodies!

Sunday night was the Superbowl, which is a big footbal match here in the States.  I made tempeh hot wingz with roasted sweet potatoes and a homemade ranch dressing.  Wow!  This meal was terrific.  I have made the wingz in the past, but that was over a year ago.   These were so good.  We were sad to see the leftovers go.

Monday night we were served a West African peanut stew with wild rice, bread, a side salad, Texas caviar and lemon cupcakes with coconut icing.  The stew was terrific.  I love African food, so I was excited about this dish.  Now before you get in an uproar.  Texas caviar is not real caviar.  It has no fish in it nor any other creature.  It is pretty much blackeyed peas, peppers, spices marinated in a vinagrette.  It is tasty. 

Well I am off to cook for the co-op.  I am making the roasted poblano chowder I created last week.  I will be serving it with some homemade bread and a chocolate chip streusal cake.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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