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Pay it forward….

Today I received a “pay it forward” gift from Mangocheeks of the Allotment 2 Kitchen.  If you have not seen her blog, please do so.  Her food pictures and recipes sound heavenly and she is just a lovely person.  I am glad to call her my friend.  I have a handful of friends in Scotland now.  So look out when we come to visit your country.  We will be making the rounds.  Back to the “pay it forward” package.  I swear she has been to my house, because the package was all Scottish which is what my kitchen is.  Seriously!  Josh asked ‘how did she know?”  I said, “I know.  It’s freakin’ awesome.”  She sent two Scottish tea towels, a porridge spurtle, and two wristbands that say ‘everyone is different’.   It is an anti-bullying campaign.  Which Arthur loved.  My boys are half Jewish and have Scottish and Irish ancestry.  Nothing makes me angrier than a comment about Arthur being a ginger.  I love his red hair and I love my sons.  They could have been born with purple hair.  I do not care.  I also get pissed at negative comments towards the Jewish race and religion.  Any negative comment towards any person because they are different pisses me off.  Sorry, but it does.  Anyway, I love my package, it is so me.  Now, it is my turn to pay it forward.  If you want to participate, please leave a comment on my blog.  I will randomly pick a name this weekend and if you are chosen, I will contact you and forward you some goodies that are from my fair city.  The person selected will then pay it forward to someone else.

Pay it forward goodies!

Sunday night was the Superbowl, which is a big footbal match here in the States.  I made tempeh hot wingz with roasted sweet potatoes and a homemade ranch dressing.  Wow!  This meal was terrific.  I have made the wingz in the past, but that was over a year ago.   These were so good.  We were sad to see the leftovers go.

Monday night we were served a West African peanut stew with wild rice, bread, a side salad, Texas caviar and lemon cupcakes with coconut icing.  The stew was terrific.  I love African food, so I was excited about this dish.  Now before you get in an uproar.  Texas caviar is not real caviar.  It has no fish in it nor any other creature.  It is pretty much blackeyed peas, peppers, spices marinated in a vinagrette.  It is tasty. 

Well I am off to cook for the co-op.  I am making the roasted poblano chowder I created last week.  I will be serving it with some homemade bread and a chocolate chip streusal cake.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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12 thoughts on “Pay it forward….

  1. Arthur’s hair is exactly the color I would choose for myself! But I know it would look bad if I tried to cover my brown (gray)!

  2. I love tempeh wings! I just made seitan wings for the game, but now I’m craving the tempeh ones. And red hair is gorgeous! Arthur is a very lucky boy. My best friend has natural red hair and I’ve always been jealous.

  3. I think Arthur’s hair is gorgeous, he is such a cute little boy! So is Adam! You have beautiful kids.
    All the food from the co-op always looks so awesome!
    Scotland seems like such a breathtaking place, I’d love to go there some day.


  4. Those wings look so good. I want to go to Scotland too!

  5. Count me in for the Pay it Forward challenge! I hope I get randomly chosen! 🙂

    The Scottish tea towels are so pretty! I hope you wind up in Scotland some day. Keep visualizing it! 🙂

    Judgmental people annoy me too. Arthur’s hair is gorgeous!!

  6. Pay it forward me! (though I live in your city)

  7. Your write up about the ‘pay it forward’ made me smile, especially the comment from Josh. I am so thrilled that you like your gifts. I was a little concerned as you had already been to Scotland and may have already had some of these; and a glass jarred gift was a no no in the post.

    I am sad to read that people, children esp. in America continue to encounter prejudice because of the way they look. Unfortunately its the same here, but there its more emphasis on the colour of your skin and in some cases your religion. I know it is not pleasant for you as a mother and Arthur as a child, but these experiences though hurtful, will make Arthur stronger person in the future and he will love his hair.

    Ooh by the way the tempeh wings. I’ve seen them many times and have not yet made them, and the Texas caviar look really scrummy too. I will have to give them a go someday.

    PS Don’t include me in your Pay It Forward 😀 Its someone elses turn to ENJOY.

  8. You’ve just GOT to come back to Scotland for a visit! At least you’ll have no hotel bills to pay!
    Your boys are beautiful in every way! I have a niece who was bullied at school just because of her red hair, but she’s 20 now and seems to be a very confident, attractive girl. I really don’t see what problem some folk see in red hair. It’s maybe because it’s fairly unusual and some people will just pick on anything different. It’s very sad…
    BTW, how cute is Adam in his hoodie?

  9. Mmm…what tasty treats! Tempeh Wings are fantastic and we’ve been digging African food lately, as well. Not sure if you’ve already drawn names or not, but I’d be up for paying it forward 😉

    That sort of thing pisses me off, too. I think you are well within your rights to feel that way! I worked in a teen rehab for awhile and still work with teens and always share in their rage when they share such stories.

    A trip to Scotland sounds fantastic. Did you mention before that you used to live there?

  10. My son is a ginger too (as I am) and I know exactly what you mean about negative comments because of it. In the UK it is quite disturbing how many people do take the P out of someone because of their hair colour (blonde and ginger)- it wouldn’t happen about skin colour so what the heck!!!
    I always tell my son to be proud of his hair because it is quite unusual (shoulder length and mad curly – you can see photos of him on my facebook) PLUS one of the coolest guys in recent music has the same hair colour – Axl Rose.

  11. Caroll Kraeger on said:

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