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Good morning.  How are you?  Any plans for the weekend?  We are going to see Sesame Street Live tonite.  Arthur is super excited.  He told me that when he sees Elmo he is going to shake his hand.  Then he changed his mind and informed me that he is going to give Elmo a hug.  So cute.  And Adam has been saying “Elmo” all week long.  Tomorrow we are going to a natural garden center to get some supplies to start our Spring garden.  I can’t wait.  I love gardening.  I hope to have a huge garden this year.  Such goodness.

Now, onto the food.  For our Tuesday co-op meal, we were delivered stuffed shells with polenta fries and seasoned green beans.  Polenta fries are delicious.  The whole meal was perfect.  Wednesday we were delivered a tofu and greens saute with pine nuts.  It was so good.  It was accompanied with a side of quinoa.  Tasty.  My co-op meal was a post Mardi Gras dish.  I made red beans with a vegan andouille sausage, dirty rice, sweet potato cornbread and coconut heaven cupcakes.  Terrific!

Stuffed shells

Tofu saute with greens and quinoa

Red beans & rice (ugly picture, tasty dish)

sweet potato cornbread

Since we will be gone this evening, pizza night has been postponed to tomorrow.  What’s on the pizza menu?  This week, I will be making a roasted portabello pizza with thyme pesto sauce.  I will let you know the verdict on Monday.

I forgot to mention, I did another half marathon last Sunday.  Before you get to excited, I did not run it.  I messed up the ligament in my wrist last week and have to sport a lovely wrist brace to immobilize it.  Ugh.  The doctor recommended I not do the race at all.  But seeing that I am stubborn, I did it anyway.  He said no running because the moving of my arm for 13.1 miles would make it worse.  So, I walked.  It is better than not going at all.  The weather was perfect and it was like going on a 13 mile stroll through the hills of our city.

Well I am off to eat some breakfast.  Hope you have a lovely weekend.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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