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Weekend update…..

Hello there.  How was your weekend?  Ours was nice.  The weather was beautiful.  Saturday we went to a friend’s birthday party.  Arthur had a blast.  Sunday we went to the Purim festival.  The boys had a great time.  All the kids dressed in costume.  Arthur went as Spiderman.  Adam was a little surfer dude.  They ran around and played.  It was great. 

Purim festival

Time for the food.  Friday night was our usual pizza night.  Josh wanted pesto pizza with sundried tomatoes again.  I was happy to oblige.  I created a pesto recipe.  Cheap and delicious.

Poor man’s Pesto

2 bunches cilantro, rinsed

1/2c walnuts

5 cloves garlic, peeled

1t salt

1/4t black pepper

3/4c olive oil

Combine all the ingredients and process in a blender or food processor.  Great on pizza, pasta or as a dipping sauce.  Enjoy!

I also created two new recipes for my testers. For our Sunday morning breakfast, I made pancakes.  They are blueberry oat pancakes.  Very healthy, but oh so tasty.  The boys inhaled theirs, not knowing that they were good for them as well.

The other recipe creation was a curried mustard green and chickpea quiche.  It was great. I served it with a side of roasted sweet potatoes.  Another thing I really liked about this dish was how healthy it was.  The mustard greens contain calcium and magnesium.  The chickpeas are a source of protein, fiber and folic acid.  While the sweet potatoes offer beta carotene and vitamin c.  Perfect.

Last night for our Monday night co-op meal, we were brought tortilla soup, a salad and fresh organic strawberries.  Such goodness. I  loved the soup.  It was so tasty.

Well I am off to do my weekly baking and clean up the path of destruction created by my two darling boys.

Hope you have lovely Tuesday.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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3 thoughts on “Weekend update…..

  1. oh, please make the quiche for coop sometime – that sounds great! I’d love to try. And I assume for the pesto, I could use basil when it’s going mad in season too, right?

  2. That quiche sounds fantastic and super original! Yum. And the pancakes look so light and fluffy. Everytime I make pancakes (usually a recipe from Vegan Brunch or VwaV), they’re always flat pancakes. I wonder if that’s because I sub whole wheat pastry flour…

  3. Great mask!
    The quiche looks fantastic.

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