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The humble kitchen….

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my dear friend Penny has asked what our kitchen looks like.  I call it the humble kitchen.  It is small but gets the job done.  We rent, so I cannot paint the cabinets, I would love to do that.  Instead, the cabinets have art made by Arthur and Adam, which is even better.  I would love to see a  picture of your kitchen too.

This is our dining room.  Our table is small, but nice and cozy for our family meals.  I have my cookbook shelf in it as well as a mini deep freeze which is great.  I love our deep freezer.  There are also plants in the dining room.  We love plants.  And for some reason I am able to grow orchids, so the orchids live in the dining room as well.  Pretty soon, the high chair will be gone and little bear Adam will be joining us at the dinner table.  The door you see leads to our utility room.

This is the kitchen.   On one side is the sink.  The other side is the fridge and the stove.  I love the bakers rack.  It is great.  The panty is on the back wall next to the bakers rack.  I have my apron hanging next to it that my two sweet little guys gave me and the knives up high so little hands won’t think they are toys. 

This is the window over the kitchen sink.  It looks out into the backyard.  It also holds little art pieces that Arthur has made for me and a vase Josh bought for me while we were in Scotland.

Last night I made a tofu Indian curry dish.  I served it over brown rice and made curried chickpea patties to accompany it.  The curry was awesome.  My testers gave it great reviews and one suggested using tofu instead of seitan.  Thanks Crystal!  I tried it with tofu.  Wow!  We loved it.  The curried chickpea patty recipe came from vegweb.  It had more of a falafel feel to it.  Which I was not going for, but they were tasty and the boys loved them.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Josh has to work tomorrow, so the boys and I are solo.  We are having a playdate with friends in the morning and then headed to a birthday party in the afternoon.  Sunday I think we are going for  a hike and a picnic at one of the State parks nearby.  It should be fun.

Well, I am off to make some pizza dough and then we are headed to the botanical gardens.  Once a week I try to take the boys on a field trip.  It is fun, educational and they love it.  We are meeting one of Arthur’s little friends today.  The gardens are beautiful.

Before I close, it is funny picture time.  The first is Arthur playing with some wiggly eyes that was in the craft box.  His face is crazy.  He had fun and we couldn’t stop laughing.  The second is little bear Adam wearing Arthur’s spiderman mask.  He loved it.  We kept laughing because he would pick up his cup and try to sip the straw through the mask.  My boys are the best!

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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13 thoughts on “The humble kitchen….

  1. You kitchen is so sweet. I live the bakers rack too! I am just not sure about those eyes! 🙂

  2. Wow, Krys!!!! I can’t believe your kitchen is so tiny! I think it must be smaller than mine, even! I always imagined that you had a big American (as in films LOL) kitchen, with a pine table in the middle, where you cooked up all your wonderful meals! It looks so nice and cosy, though.
    My dining room has been seen, but the kitchen has yet to be revealed to the blog reading world. I’ll deal with that as soon as possible. I’ve got John’s birthday to blog about so I might pop it in there… Meanwhile I have two essays to write…

  3. Cute kitchen! I will have to post some pics of mine… I’m glad you liked the dish with Tofu 🙂

  4. your kitchen is very similar to mine, super cute 🙂

  5. That picture with Arthur is hilarious! Love it! And your kitchen/dining room is adorable. I love seeing other people’s kitchens.

  6. PS I really like that Easter lily glass art in the your window!

  7. So cute, the eyes pic! I love your baker’s rack, I badly need one!

  8. So lovely and cozy! I love those “eggy” kitchen utensils! Wow, you have all of them! *jealous* 😀

    Mmmm Indian food. It looks so good, I would like to be eating a plate full of that curry dish right now.

    Arthur looks like he just witnessed something preposterous with his wiggly eyes! Hee hee! Too cute!

  9. I love the eyes!

  10. Its a humble kitchen full of LOVE! That’s all it needs. I love it.

  11. How fun to visit your place so very far away. I have a tiny kitchen, too, but it’s less for me to clean I say!
    That Arthur photo is hilarious! I love it.

  12. wow what a beautiful kitchen, im jealous!! awesome blog, im new and loving it…

  13. Our kitchen is similar, perhaps a little smaller. I’m envious of your counter space! We have nearly the same, but it’s split up around and doesn’t allow for much. Arthur looks CRAZY! It’s a great pic 😉

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