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Our garden…..

About a month ago we started a Spring garden.  It is doing quite well.  We have the “greens’ garden.  It contains the following plants:   redleaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, a spotted leaf lettuce, cilantro, a dill plant, kale, swiss chard, mustard greens, a beet plant, broccoli, artichokes, garlic, and garlic chives.  The second garden we have is the tomatoes and basil garden.  It has two beefsteak tomatoes, 2 yellow tomato plants, two romas and 3 basil plants.  I am also trying my hand at container gardening.  I recently planted 4 more tomato plants, a serrano plant, a jalapeno, a habanero, and a cucumber plant.  A good friend gave me an okra seed planting and an eggplant.  I am going to try to container garden those as well.  And we have mint, rosemary, thyme and sage in containers.  They are great because we use them throughout the whole year.  We rent, so I couldn’t turn the backyard into a giant garden.  I am so going to do that when we buy a house.  I love our garden.  It isn’t the biggest, but it is given lots of tlc and the boys enjoy watering it and checking on it everyday.  I am also going to start a page of what I harvest in our garden for the year and see how much money we saved.

The “greens” garden.

Our tomato and basil garden.

Zeke, the garden dog.

We are also joining a CSA.  Yippee!  A friend is going to split it with me.  There is a local organic farm east of the city that we will start there CSA program in late April.  I opted to split the CSA because we have a garden and the fact that $300 is a lot to cough up right away.  It is 10 weeks of organic veggies from the farm at $30 a week.  So she is paying $150 and so are we.  It will be great to not buy any produce from the grocery store and get fresh, just picked organic veggies.  New recipes will follow too.

For dinner co-op meal we were served pineapple cashew quinoa stirfry.  The recipe is from V-con and I must say, it is freakin’ awesome.  I made a kid-friendly quinoa for the boys.  Similar to our dinner.  It was quinoa, peas, pineapple, shredded carrot, sesame seeds and tamari.  They loved it.  And the boys can’t get enough pineapple.  They go through one pineapple a week.

Pineapple cashew quinoa stirfry.  Yum!

Kid-friendly quinoa.

7 year ago today after returning home from getting married in Scotland, Josh and I went to the Justice of the Peace office and made our marriage legit in the States.  Happy Anniversary to us.  Life is great.

Well I am off to make some cilantro pesto to freeze.  A good friend gave us a ton of fresh cilantro from her garden.  It is so good.  If you have ever had fresh garden cilantro it is the best.  So much better than the stuff from the store.  You can definitely taste the difference.

Arthur giving his little brother a bear hug and  a kiss.  So cute!

Hope you have a lovely Thursday.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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11 thoughts on “Our garden…..

  1. Wow ~ your garden looks wonderful! I’m jealous! 🙂 I live in the mountains and it’s still a bit cool here but I do have some lettuce which is popping up. I’ve started tomatoes and peppers in the house ~ I’m hoping that they will be big enough, by planting time, to give us a good harvest this year!

    I think you’re going to love the CSA! We use to belong to one and it was such fun to receive a box each week. We opted for a CSA that grew unusual veggies so every box was an adventure.

    Your post makes me want to get outside and dig around in the dirt! 🙂

    Take Care!

  2. Happy anniversary! And the garden looks adorable, as does the garden dog!

  3. Your garden looks awesome Krys! HURRAH for home grown goodies.

  4. Gemma on said:

    Well you’ll be glad you’re not still in Scotland. We’ve had snow this week. Parts of the country have been completely cut off. You’re lucky!

  5. Love the garden pics!

  6. my kids love the Vcon recipe for quinoa, although they do pick out the nuts. Jim is huge on pineapple too but I don’t buy it all that much because I like to get organic, we can’t get organic fresh here and the tins are very expensive. I do treat him for our fortnightly pizza night though! Well done on the garden, we tried containers here last year but the weather was terrible all summer so nothing grew which was disappointing. I’d love a small vegetable garden, just don’t have the time, patience or energy anymore for something bigger!

  7. How much does the CSA provide in its weekly share? Ours typically contains 8 different items and fills a greocery bag or so. The actual volume depends, of course, on what is in the share. A bundle of carrots with their greens takes up a lot more space than a baggie of dried beans!

    I’m very lucky, too, that my CSA offers shares in exchange for volunteer labor. I try to make myself indispensible to keep my “position” secure and have thus far not had to pay for my share in a couple of years. (Our sessions run 13 weeks so there are four/year.) And while the labor is work, I enjoy the socializing time there each week.

    Oh, another good way to preserve cilantro is Indian chutney. I use a tasty recipe with onion, cilantro, mint, and tamarind. It keeps forever in the fridge and I’m sure it would also freeze well.

  8. Krys, I am so jealous of your garden it’s not even funny! We can’t turn the backyard into a giant garden either, but we will go crazy when we buy a house too! It would be nice to have one of those tiny greenhouses for the winter too, so we could have tomatoes and other goodies all year round. Aww, Zeke! What a cutie!

    Happy US anniversary! 😀

  9. Beautiful greens…Yummy. I hope they grow very big. Good luck.

  10. Hey Krys! I can’t seem to find your email address, though I know I’ve got it somewhere. I want to send you a great vegan NOLA travel guide (made by Kittee!). Email me at phillipsbianca[at]gmail[dot]com.

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