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Dining with the co-op…

This week our co-op meals have been great as usual.  Monday we were delivered potato/soyrizo enchiladas with a jicama mango salad.  Yum!  I had never tried jicama and it was good.  I will definitely try to make something creative with a jicama if they are on sale at the grocery store.

Tuesday night we had garlic baked tofu with baked polenta and sauteed mushroom and asparagus.  Baked polenta is so good.  It has definitely become a favorite around here.  The boys loved the tofu as well and my little bear Adam was eating the mushrooms.  He was not very fond of the asparagus.  He decided to drop it on the floor for Zeke.  My silly little man.

Last night’s co-op meal was soup and salad.  The salad was a meal in itself.  Full of everything under the sun:  quinoa, lettuce, apples, red bell pepper, chickpeas, cucumbers, red onion, tofu, avocado, you name it.  It was served with a roasted red pepper tomato soup.  Such goodness.

Tonite I am serving a mustard green blackeyed pea dish to the co-op.  I am very pleased that the mustard greens came from our garden.  The dish is a new recipe.  It is served with brown rice and some cornbread I made.  

Speaking of the garden, it is doing great.  We did not do raised beds, just gardens in the ground.  Foruntately we have very rich soil.  The veggies love it.  I love being able to go into our backyard and pick fresh veggies.  The boys and I planted some seeds for our Summer garden earlier this week.  Well Arthur helped me plant them and Adam tried to dig them out of the dirt.  Silly boy.  We planted yellow squash seeds, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, and okra.  Our tomato and basil garden is looking nice.  The tomatoes are blooming and the basil is getting bigger.   I can’t wait for fresh tomatoes.  Yum!

Today it is dark and looks like rain is coming our way.  The boys and I plan to stay in and take it easy.  Yesterday I was in the kitchen literally all day.  I did some baking for Josh’s co-workers and cooked for the co-op.  I was actually tired of bieng in the kitchen for once. 

Well, I am off to drink some tea.  Hope you have a lovely Thursday.

My two little guys in a box. 

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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4 thoughts on “Dining with the co-op…

  1. All that food looks great. I’m a big fan of polenta myself, but I’ve only learned to prepare it last year with Veganomicon.

    I’ve never had jicama but I would love to. I just have to find a place that sells it.

  2. Jicama! I have been wanting to try it for months, but for some reason I haven’t. Baked polenta is great, I love it when it’s herby cheezy.

    It sounds like your garden is doing awesome! I hope you get some gigantor watermelons! 🙂

    Two boys in a box! Did you order them online? Hee hee! 😛

  3. looks delicious! i was just in austin for the capitol 10k run… and had some jicama in a salad and having been dreaming up recipes to use it in!

  4. Dinners at your house sounded fabulous…my kind of dinner. You also brought a tear to my eyes when I saw your babies in the box. My boys did that so many times. Since its been 20 yrs. since my son Sammy passed away from cancer and its been 12 yrs. since my oldest son Billy got married,I spend a lot of time reminscing on those days when my boys were home. Your babies remind me so much of my kids because my boys would spend the day with no clothes on,they were always eating cookies and having so much fun together playing in an empty box or laundry basket. What a joy to see your boys do the same. Thanks for the memories…it was a true joy with tears.

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