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Speed Vegan: A review..

The kind folks at Book Publishing Company sent me a copy of Speed Vegan.  One of the latest cookbooks to grace the vegan world. 

The title alone will catch the attention of most vegans.  And the statement, “Quick, Easy Recipes With A Gourmet Twist”. will arouse a definite curiousity.  The author is a private chef who has not only travelled the world but has been a chef to a variety of high-profile clients.  The pictures offered in the book are beautiful and gives the reader a glance at what type of meals Speed Vegan has to offer.

The recipes tested were simple yet delicious.  They each had a gourmet twist as mentioned on the cover of the book.  Greta’s Cannellini Salad With Mint was tasty and refreshing.  The ingredients were simple, the taste lovely.  The addition of fresh mint made this salad complete.  The Blazing Pintos were a perfect addition to any Mexican fare.  The smoky flavor from the chipotles enhanced the taste of the pinto beans.  The recipe takes a simple can of pinto beans and give it a swift spicy kick in the can.  Another recipe tested from the book was the Linguine With Sundried Tomato Sauce.  The sundried tomato sauce turned a boring pot of boiled pasta into a flavor powerhouse.  The recipe for the sundried tomato paste is genius.  It was not only tasty in the pasta, but also as a sandwich spread and a dip along side hummus and pita chips.  A curry always seems to be a favorite amongst vegans.  The Broccoli Stem And Garbanzo Curry is worth a try.  It offers the use of the always forgotten broccoli stem.  The mix of coconut milk, broccoli stems, chickpeas, and spices is curry heaven.  The last recipe in Speed Vegan tested was hands down one of the best.  A definite favorite.  It is the Hot Eggplant And Seitan Open-Faced Sandwich recipe.  The picture alone is mouthwatering and the taste divine.  It is one of the best vegan sandwiches out there.  The combination of grilled eggplant and seitan can’t be beat.  The sauce that accompanys the sandwich is tangy and sweet.  Garnished with sesame seeds and scallions, this sandwich is worth repeating over and over again.

Speed Vegan is definitely worth a try.  The recipe ingredients are simple and easy to find.  The meal outcome is a taste you would find in a gourmet restaurant.  The meal preparation is quick, making each dish more enjoyable.  The reader will enjoy cooking a gourmet meal without the high cost of ingredients or spending hours in the kitchen.


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2 thoughts on “Speed Vegan: A review..

  1. Wow do you get on these lists to get this type of opportunity for recipe testing of a new cookbook?

  2. Why is it that curry is always so prominent in vegan cooking? I like curry every once in a while but its flavor over powers most ingredients. /end rant

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