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Souper Tuesday…..

Last night Godmommy Mary came over for dinner.  The boys were super excited.  It was nice to have company.  Josh works late on Monday and Tuesdays, so the boys and I have dinner solo.  I made a soup and salad.  The weather is starting to turn warm here.  Pretty soon salad will be out of the question.  Last night’s dinner was compliments of Vegan on the Cheap.  I am thoroughly enjoying the cook-through.  It is an awesome project.  I made the Caldo Verde and served it with a big salad.  The Caldo Verde was a delicious soup.  I was short a few potatoes so I added a yellow squash from the garden which was lovely in the soup.  I also used kale from our garden, and garlic and onion from our CSA.  Perfect.  The salad was fantastic, a majority of the vegetables in it were from our garden and CSA.  It was great.  After dinner the boys played in their kiddie pool while Mary and I chatted.  We had a great evening and Arthur told Mary she needed to come back home. We love Godmommy Mary.  She is our family.  We plan to make this  a weekly event.  Arthur is excited because next week, we are making cupcakes for dessert to enjoy with his Godmommy.

Caldo Verde

Salad from our garden and CSA. 

Before I forget to mention, the cost of this meal was no cost at all.  We had all the ingredients in our kitchen.  In Vegan on the Cheap, the cost for the Caldo Verde is <$1.50 per serving.  Showing the soup to make 4-6 servings.  If served with a salad, this soup easily makes 6 good size servings.  What a bargain!

The boys love Godmommy Mary.  She is the best.

In about a month we are headed to Florida.  I can’t wait.  I just hope the oil hasn’t reached the coast and the boys see nothing but an oil-filled beach.  Ugh.  Josh’s brother lives in Florida.  It will be so nice to visit his family.  We plan to spend the night in New Orleans on our way to Florida and check out some sites.  The boys seem to do well on roadtrips.  They did great last year going to New Mexico.  So, we have decided to do a family roadtrip every year.

I wanted to share pictures of our garden with you.  This is our “May Progress” garden update.  The boys love the garden.   Arthur tells me, “I am going to give the broccoli a shower.”  Then he heads for the garden with the water hose.  It is so cute.  And thanks to our garden, he now eats broccoli.  Awesome!

Little bear Adam trying to eat the broccoli we just cut from the garden.

A serrano pepper ready to be picked.

Our lettuce, dill, and cilantro are doing great.  Fresh dill in a salad is so good.

Swiss chard and kale.

The artichokes are getting big. They will grow to 6′ tall.  Did you know they are related to sunflowers?

Green tomatoes.  I can’t wait for them to turn red.

The cucumber plant is blooming.

Our basil went from a 2″ plant to a huge bush.  Fresh basil is the best.

Well I am off to make some faux feta for tonite’s dinner and eat some breakfast.  Hope you each have a lovely Wednesday.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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8 thoughts on “Souper Tuesday…..

  1. The soup looks great, I bet it was delicious. And your vegetable garden look super, you guys did a great job on it…what a great harvest…enjoy.

  2. The garden is so impressive, especially that broccoli that Baby Adam is carrying! And if I had those green tomatoes in my yard, I’d be fryin’ ’em up right now!

  3. Your veg are looking great! As are your cooking and your boys!

    I was wondering what you meant when you said the weather was getting hot and soon salads will be out of the question? Yesterday we had a brief flurry of snow and hailstones, here in sunny Scotland and the central heating was back on today. 😦 Aren’t you glad you left?

  4. Jackie on said:

    Your family and your garden are gorgeous!

  5. That salad looks great! I love that adam is about to tear up that broccoli. Hahahaha! It looks like mary may not be wearing her shirt either…

  6. I just bought that book and can’t wait to start using it. I haven’t even looked thru it yet.

  7. Congratulations on your garden, it looks great! I didn’t know artichokes were related to sunflowers, nor did I know in what type of plants it grew. I love the picture of Adam eating a broccoli. So cute!

  8. marylamb on said:

    woot! I plan on another Tuesday night at the Kagan’s. 🙂 Let me know if I can bring anything.

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