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Slow week…..

Hello.  This has been a slow week in the blogosphere for me.  Little bear Adam has been sick.  Poor guy.  He has a wicked cough that is keeping him up at night and now an ear infection.  Ugh.  Though he is sick, he still has a big smile on his face.  He is such a happy baby. 

Big brother Arthur is coughing due to allergies.   And we all feel like we are on lockdown due to Adam being sick.  So we are stuck indoors or playing in the backyard for a short period.  It is getting warm here, 95F.  I have been limiting their outdoor play due to Adam being sick.  Summertime illness sucks. 

Now, on with the food.  Tuesday night I made the Smoky Red Bean Chili with Chipotle-Cornbread Dumplings from Vegan on the Cheap (VOTC).  It was very tasty and filling.  We loved how hearty the chili was and the smoky flavor from the chipotles was a perfect touch.  The entire meal cost us around $3.50.  The cost of tomatoes and red beans.  It easily made 6 servings.  VOTC shows the meal costs <$1.50 per serving.  Cheap and delicious!

Now the meal I made Wednesday from VOTC was phenomenal.  Over the top delicious. Culinary perfection!  I am not kidding.  I made the Cajun-Spiced Seitan Po’ Boys.  Wow!  I served them with some fried green tomatoes, using some green beefsteak tomatoes from our garden.  The combination of the po’boy and the fried green tomatoes was heavenly.  Southern goodness at its best.  Josh had never tried fried green tomatoes, he is a guy from the East Coast.  He loved them.  And the po’boys.  All I can say is “Thank you Robin!”  This is our favorite recipe so far.  Josh said it was the kind of meal where you savor each bite and then you are sad once the meal ends.  I have to agree.  This meal will be a definite repeat.  And today is your lucky day.  I am also sharing my fried green tomato recipe. 🙂  In VOTC, the cost per serving for the po’boys is <$1.00.  There was no cost to us since we had all of the ingredients.  I also made the homemade rolls for the po’boys.  Nothing beats homemade bread.  For the seitan, I used Robin’s seitan recipe from VOTC.  Now, let me say, I have tried many seitan recipes.  This was the best one yet.  Seriously.  It was great.  Josh agreed.  We have found the seitan recipe we will be using when a meal calls for seitan.  Another great thing about the seitan recipe, it made a ton, 2 pounds worth.  We were fortunate enough to once again have all of the ingredients, so it did not cost us a dime.  As I always say, check to see if you  have the ingredients.  It will save on your grocery bill.  The cost per serving to make the seitan according to VOTC is <.50 cents.  There is no way you could buy 2 pounds of seitan from the store for this cheap.  Wow!

Fried Green Tomatoes
1/2c fliour
1/2c plain soymilk
1/2c cornmeal
1/4c plain breadcrumbs
1t salt
1/4t black pepper
2 large green tomatoes, sliced thick
vegetable oil

In a bowl combine the flour and soymilk. Stir until the flour is completely dissolved. On a plate combine the cornmeal, breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper.

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. I pour enough oil that it is about 2″ deep in the skillet. You want the oil to be hot when you place the tomatoes in it.

While the oil is getting hot, batter the tomatoes. Dip a tomato slice in the soymilk mixture, making sure it is thoroughly coated. Now take the dipped tomato and place it on the plate with the cornmeal mix. Genly press the tomato onto the cornmeal mix, turning over to coat. Once again, making sure to coat the tomato completely. Genty place tomato in the hot oil. Fry until golden brown on both sides. Do not crowd the tomatoes in the skillet. Place the fried tomatoes on a paper towel covered plate to drain. The fried tomatoes can be stored in a warm oven while you finish frying the rest of them.

Today is Friday, so that means it is Frugal Friday time.  Today’s Frugal Friday Tip of the Week is:   Use a clothesline or drying rack to dry your clothes.  Dryers are a waste of money.  People on average spend $200-300 in power a year to dry their clothes.  Think what you could do with $300.  Wow!  I could do a lot with $300.  Clotheslines and drying racks are a very cheap alternative to a dryer.  And think, you are also being kind to the environment. 

Hope you each have a lovely Friday.  And a terrific weekend.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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10 thoughts on “Slow week…..

  1. Miranda on said:

    Hi Krys! I really enjoy reading your blog, and especially the recent posts of the cook-through of VOTC. I finally broke down and bought the book yesterday, and I can’t wait until it arrives. Everything looks so tasty, and it’s just icing on the cake that’s it’s totally economical as well. Your baby boys are adorable. Thanks for sharing their pics, they always make me smile. Cheers!

  2. Sorry to heat the wee fellows aren’t well! Have you tried a tiny bit of cotton wool soaked in lavender for Adam’s ear? I find it’s great for ear-ache. Lavender is wonderful stuff!

    I’m really enjoying your recommendations from VOTC. We’ve had the Samosa Pie (made with puff pastry) which we LOVED and also Peanutty Pumpkin Stew (I subbed cashew butter) which was a great success. I’ll try your recomendations next!

    Get well soon, Arthur and Adam!

  3. Oops, didn’t proof-read properly: please sub ‘hear’ and ‘recommendations’!

  4. I am so sorry to hear that Adam is sick. 😦 You chili looks great and would make anyone feel better!

  5. My mouth waters every time I come to your site! Sorry to hear, though, that Adam has been sick … poor little guy. And Arthur is struggling with allergies? I can totally relate to him … love this time of year but my head isn’t crazy about it! Hope that both boys will feel better soon!

    I just popped over to view what you’ve harvested this month … I’m jealous! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh too sad to hear the boys are not well…lots of love & prayers for them on my part. Also I am ordering this book, the recipes are so nice…keep those reviews coming, they are so helpful.


    Also sweety, you haven’t claimed your Sunshine Award yet, please read the rules carefully off of my blog then post it all on your blog…chow!

  7. Kirsty on said:

    Hiya Krys … so sorry to hear about Adam!! Sounds like the same thing Callum had. Today is the first one in a week that he has been back to his old self!! So I sincerely hope that Adam gets better faster – it’s so tough having wee poorly boys!

    Now Callum is back up to speed, I’d love to do a playdate … maybe out of the heat? … more for this Mama than the wee one – my Scottish blood struggles greatly with Austin summers!! I’ll email too.
    Hope all is well!

  8. You were awarded the Sunshine Award on my blog! Check it out and come claim it! 🙂 Thanks for blogging! Keep up the great work!

  9. Mr. Booger?!?! Haha! I used to have a video game called Boogerman! Claaaasic!

  10. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I’m very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there.

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