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Here we go again…

Boogie woke up sick yesterday morning.  Poor guy was throwing up and so pale.  He was sick most of the morning, napped and then seemed to be better.  He finally asked for food around 5pm.  He is doing much better this morning.  But we are going to take it easy today, just to make sure.  Poor guy.

Sorry for the delay in blog posts.  But when it comes to sick kiddos, they are priority.  Now for some food.  Tuesday  night Godmommy Mary came over for dinner.  I cooked two recipes from Vegan on the Cheap.  I made the Comfort Loaf and the Mushroom Gravy.  I served it with mashed potatoes and sauteed squash from our garden.  It was so good.  Super good.  Mary said, “Two thumbs up.”  I have to agree.  The cost to make the Comfort Loaf was 50cents.  I had all the ingredients but the wheat gluten.  In VOTC, it lists the cost per serving as <$1.00 and it serves 6.  The Mushroom Gravy was one of the best gravy recipes I have had in a long time.  We had all the ingredients but the mushrooms.  So the cost to make the gravy was around a $1.10.  VOTC lists the cost per serving to be <50cents and it makes 2 1/2 cups worth.  Yum!  This meal was so tasty. 

Wednesday night I made soup.  I cooked up the Southwestern Black Bean and Corn Chowder from VOTC.   It was so tasty.  I served it with some crispy tortillas I fried and some avocado.  The cost for this meal was 50cents.  The cost of the avocado.  We had all of the ingredients.  It made 6 servings.  In VOTC, it lists the cost per serving as <$1.00.  Once again a great bargain.

Last night I needed a quick and easy dinner.  Since Boogie was still recovering from the puke fest, I wanted to cook something simple.  VOTC to the recue.  I made the Bean and Cheezee Rice Burritos.  I changed it up a bit and did the variation Robin listed in the book.  I turned them into quesadillas.  I also used black beans instead of pintos since I had some black beans leftover from the soup.  These were so good and so easy to make.  Little bear Adam loved the cheezee rice.  I served it with some homemade salsa I had made last weekend. The meal was no cost to us, since I had all of the ingredients in our kitchen.  In VOTC, the cost per serving is <$1.50 and it serves 4.

Speaking of salsa, our tomatoes have gone crazy in the garden.  We are harvesting 15-20 a day.  Romas, cherry, and beefsteak tomatoes.  Here is a picture of Josh holding a roma tomato and a mammoth beefsteak tomato from our garden.  It was bigger than a softball.  Wow!  I love our little organic veggie patch.

It is Friday, so that means it is time for the “Frugal Friday Tip of the Week”.  As you read, I cooked with beans this week.  The frugal tip today is:   Buy dried beans, never canned.  Canned beans are  a waste of money.  Dried beans are cheap.  For the cost of a bag of dried beans, you are saving buying 4-5 cans of beans.  They are easy to cook and freeze well.  Plus, studies have shown lately that a lot of canned goods are have BPA in them. 

Well, you will not be hearing from us again until a week from Monday.  We are headed to Florida with a brief stay in New Orleans.  I can’t wait.  It is going to be wonderful.  I just hope there is no oil on the beach.  Ugh.  Thanks for nothing BP!  Josh’s brother and his family live in Florida.  It will be so nice to see them.  They are such lovely people.  Come back in a week and check out all the awesome pictures from our trip.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  See you soon.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys

Little bear smiling and saying “cheeze”.

Boogie giving his little brother a bear hug.


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10 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Wow! This looks great! I am interested in these cheap meals! 🙂

  2. Have a great vacation!

  3. Wow, all that food looks amazing, especially the loaf and potatoes with gravy….yummy. I can’t wait to try this recipe.

    And your tomatoes are so huge, I am quite jealous.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Kirsty on said:

    have a great vacation & hope your bigger wee man feels better!! will be in touch when you get back – perhaps finally get the boys together – sick ones allowing!! 😉
    enjoy!! Kirst

  5. Poor wee Boogster! 😦 Throwing up is NOT fun and it’s not good for a mummy either, seeing her wee one suffering…

    I’ve been thinking of making that Comfort Loaf, too, so am glad of your recommendation. I must make a list of the things I’ve made from the book and let you know what they are. I can remember offhand the Samosa Pie and the Spicy Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie. (That’s not its exact name, but you’ll know which one I mean.) They were both wonderful and have been added to the rota!

    Have a lovely holiday! 🙂

  6. That soup looks great!

  7. Looks like I am going to have to get that cookbook! I am in a budget crunch and those recipes look fantastic. Sorry to hear about the sickies, and hope that everyone is a top shape for an awesome vacation!

  8. What happy boys 🙂 Those tomatoes look great! Glad your garden is going so well. Things are still a little slow in Missouri, but I’m starting to see blossoms on the tomato and pepper plants.

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