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I am kind of glad this week is done.  It was a rough one for our two little guys.  Boogie shut his finger in the car door on Wednesday.  Ouch!  Thankfully there was no broken bones.  And last night Little Bear was playing with his big brother and did a face plant on the tile floor.  He busted his upper lip.  Blood was all over his mouth.  Boogie was giving his little brother kisses and checking on him.  Needless to say, our littlest guy has a fat lip this morning.  Ugh. 

Now, on with the food.  Last night I made the Samosa Pie recipe from Vegan on the Cheap (VOTC).  It was so tasty.  Wow!  We really liked it.  Little Bear ate a whole slice on his own.  Boogie was on the fence about it.  But then again, he is our pickier of the two.  Josh and I loved it.  We had all the ingredients, so the cost was nothing for us.  In VOTC, it quotes the cost to be <$1.00  And it serves 6.

Wednesday I made the Moroccan Chickpeas and Couscous from VOTC.  It was tasty.  I love Moroccan food.  It is such goodness.  Once again we had all of the ingredients, so this meal was no cost to us.  The only substitutions I made were, I used fresh tomatoes instead of canned.  We had some from the garden.  I used a serrano pepper instead of jalapeno.  The serrano was from our garden as well.  And we had regular raisins instead of the golden ones.  The book states the cost per serving to be <$1.50 and it serves 4.

Tuesday was our usual soup day.  And I  had a brainfart and forgot to take a picture.  Sorry!  I made the Almost-Instant Chickpea-Tomato Soup from VOTC.  It was so tasty.  The changes I made were using fresh tomatoes in place of canned.  We have a ton of tomatoes in the garden.  Nothing beats fresh.  The cost to us was around 30cents.  I bought a bag of dried chickpeas and used a third of the bag for the soup.  Such goodness. I know it is not soup weather.  It is so hot here, but I can’t resist a good soup.  And this one was great.   In the book, the cost is <$1.00  per serving and makes 4 servings.

Monday I made Wheatball Sandwiches from VOTC. Wowza!  These were good.  I used leftover wheatballs and sauce from our spaghetti and wheatball meal over the weekend.  These were perfect.   Josh loved them and so did our little guys.  The cost was nothing to us since I had hoagie rolls and the sauce and wheatballs.  In VOTC, the cost per serving is <$1.50 and it serves 4.

Two things I forgot to mention while we were on holiday in Florida.  First, the neighbors brought over a vegan lentil salad.  It was such a nice thing to do. When I went to her house to say “thanks”, she explained to me that she has a nephew who is vegan and they have been cooking vegan food for him whenever he visits.  The lentil salad was so good.  And when we were leaving she had brought us copies of his favorite vegan recipes they make when he stays with them.  As I said in my previous post, Florida proved to be a very vegan-friendly state.

The second thing I didn’t mention, was the oil.  Thanks for that one BP!  While the water was blue and the sands white, you could see some of BP’s mistake.  Our nephew found a plastic bottle that had washed up on the shore with oil residue on it.  One morning when we woke up, you could smell the petroleum in the wind.  I fear Florida will soon see more oil and damage to its beautiful beaches and water.  It really sucks.

This brings me to our Frugal Friday Tip of the Week.  Today’s tip is:   Ride your bike or walk when you can. If you  have an errand to run,why use your car when you can bike or walk.  Not only are you helping the environment, but you are saving money on your gas bill, as well as getting exercise.  The boys and I will be walking to the market today to pick up a few items.  Yes, it is hot outside, but a little sweat never killed anyone.  Next time you go to hop in your car, think about all of the oil destroying our ocean and land.  Turn your car off and put your walking shoes on.

Hope you each have a wonderful weekend.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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8 thoughts on “TGIF!!!!!!

  1. Samosa Pie?!?!?! That seems pretty good! 🙂 My mum used to call me a walking band-aid. I was constantly getting hurt as a kid. Heh. I guess those bangs and bruises made me who I am.

  2. Poor wee guys! I hope they’re fine now?

    We LOVE VOTC’s samosa pie! And I must try the chickpea tomato soup. I love chickpeas and I love soup. No matter what the weather!

    What nice neighbours you had in Florida! 🙂 I’m so glad you had such a great time, despite the oil…

  3. marylamb on said:

    Those wheatballs look yumm. I bet Adam Rader would like them. I am going to buy the book next week.

  4. I finally ordered Vegan on the Cheap. Can’t wait to get it. Happy Friday! 🙂

  5. TGIF!!!!you really had a horrifying week with those cute little ones. When my oldest son was 4 yrs. old he thought it would be fun to jump on Mom’s bed, well…. he fell between the wall and the bed head first. When I lifted him up he was unconcious and bleeding through his nose & ears. I rushed him to the emergency room and he was hospitaled for 3 days with a severe concocion and his forhead swelled twice the size of his entire face. After that incedent he never junped on the bed again… but this accident almost gave me a heart attack. I can feel your desire for this week to end and the trauma you experienced….give them a big hug and love them more & more each day…they are too precious.

  6. Do you mind someone else moving in? I would love for someone to feed me this delicious food every day! lol

    Sorry to hear about the boo-boos. My little man is always getting himself into scrapes!

    Love these recipes. Thanks for sharing. I’ll go check out VOTC now.

  7. Your food once again looks great. I was very interested in the samosa pie, and now that I see a picture of it, I HAVE to make it!

    I’m glad your boys are okay despite what happened.

  8. That Samosa Pie looks incredible! I really must track down a copy of this cookbook… the recipes looks so good *and* they’re so cheap. Thanks for continuing to show off what you make from the book, I am getting totally inspired!

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