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Mango madness…..

This week and last week we have had swim lessons for our little bear. That explains the lapse in updates.  Sorry.

We were recently given a box of mangos.  Mangos are so tasty.  They are nutritious, high in vitamins C and A and a great source of dietary fiber.  And of course sweet.  This being said, Josh suggested I create some mango recipes as not to let them go to waste.  We were pleased with both recipes.  I will be sending them to my testers later this week.  The first recipe was a Mango and Black Bean Taco.  The other recipe was a Spicy Summer Curry.  It was my favorite by far. 

Mango and Black Bean Tacos

Spicy Summer Curry

Not pictured is a  Mixed Fruit Cobbler.  You can thank my two little guys for not taking a picture.  It was inhaled with the help of their dad before I could grab the camera.  This recipe is from Vegan on the Cheap.  It was super good.  I subbed mango for the plums and we had peaches that were given to us.  The cost to make the cobbler was around 50 cents.  We needed pineapple.  In VOTC, the cost is <50 cents per serving and it serves 8.  It was simple to make, yet so delicious.

Earlier this week I made two chili recipes from VOTC.  Why two chili recipes?  Why not!  We love chili around here.  I had a ton of beans and tomatoes, so I made the Positively Pantry Chili.  The cost was nothing to us, thanks to having all the ingredients.  And I love corn in my chili.  It was mild and the boys enjoyed it.  The cost to make it according to VOTC is <$1.50 per serving and it serves 6.  I  also made the Black and White Chili.  I sent some to a friend along with some homemade bread and used it to make frito ‘ritos for us.  What are frito ‘ritos you ask?  They are frito pies wrapped in a burrito tortilla.  So good.  Frito chips with chili, cheezy sauce, avocado, chopped onion and pickled jalapeno.  Yum!  I put ours in a spinach burrito tortilla.  Just to make them look healthier.  Hee hee.

Tonite I am making the Vegetable Crisp from VOTC.  It sounds very tasty.  Thanks to our CSA and garden, it should turn out lovely.  I will post pictures and the taste factor Friday.

Our summer garden seems to be dying down a bit.  We are not harvesting as many tomatoes, but the basil is still going strong.  They are 3 feet tall.  I think it is time to make more pesto and harvest it a bit.  Thank goodness for having a freezer.

Our yellow squash seemed to have crapped out, but we are still getting zucchini.  The squash is in the garden with the watermelon and it has gone crazy.  I am just waiting for some melons.  Come on!

A 6 foot tall fence and 8 foot tall sunflowers.  Yay for gardens!

Well it is time for some lunch.  Hope you have a lovely Wednesday.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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10 thoughts on “Mango madness…..

  1. I bet Little Bear looks cute in the pool!
    Your recipe suggestions sound great as usual. I must try them soon – SO glad I got VOTC; I couldn’t bear all your luscious photos otherwise!
    What sweet dominoes players: Arthur concentrating so hard and Adam thinking it’s a great laugh!

  2. All that food looks yummy. Your sunflowers are beautiful… they are my favorite “flower” =)

  3. Yum, mangoes! My copy of VOTC *just* got here a few minutes ago. Hmm… what to make first…

  4. Yay!!!for mangos…they are my favorite. The recipes look divine and I bet they were very good. I love your little ones big smile…priceless…

  5. That taco looks awesome! I love it! How are the swim lessons going? Those sunflowers are beastly! 🙂

  6. I need to start using mango more… especially in wraps/burritos!

  7. lazysmurf on said:

    I love mangoes too! That is so cool that you got a whole box!

  8. The spinach tortilla totally makes them healthier! 😛

    I don’t have lots of mango-cooking experience. The only thing I ever made with a mango was a mango lassi, which I hated because of the yogurt. Yuck! It was a coconut milk yogurt, it should have been tasty!

    Your sunflowers are beautiful! That picture of your boys is funny, Baby Adam is laughing and having fun, and Arthur has his game-face on. 😀

  9. marylamb on said:

    I just ordered “Vegan on the Cheap”! yay!

  10. Anne Regen on said:

    Krys: Will you be posting your Spicy Summer Curry recipe? I love your blog. Thanks for cooking through VOTC and posting your results.

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