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Hello there.  No pictures today, due to my camera or the computer, I don’t know which one, not wanting to upload photos properly.  I am having it looked at so hopefully I can post a few over the weekend, talk about Vegan On The Cheap and a few other recipes I created. 

For now, I will leave you with my “Frugal Friday Tip of the Week”.  This week’s tip is about dining out for dinner.  We are all guilty of going out to eat for whatever reason.  Some more than others.  I myself am not a big fan of dining out.  First because it always ticks me off to no end when I get a craptastic meal and then the bill and realize for the cost of the meal that was awful, I could have bought at least half a week’s worth of groceries.  The second reason, which is very important to me is strangers touching my food.  I am a bit of a germiphobe.  A close friend with a blog can relate to this.  I don’t know if the person is scratching their arse and touching my food.  Or they just chose not to wash their hands.  For whatever reason, it really grosses me out to no end.  Our dining excursions are few and far between.  Now for the “Frugal Friday Tip”.  Eat in, not out.  The economy is still in the toilet, the cost to dine out is ridiculous.  You can easily eat at home.  You don’t feel like cooking?  Thaw something out from the freezer.  Next time you are in the mood to cook, make extra, so when there is the time you are tempted to go out to eat, save some money, throw the meal in the microwave or overn.  Relax, dinner is cooking itself. 

I hope you each have a lovely weekend.  I will be creating a BBQ “chicken” pineapple pizza recipe.  An idea from a friend. Yum!  I can’t wait. 

Have a great Friday.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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5 thoughts on “TGIF!!!!!!

  1. I know what you mean about not wasting money on eating out. I’d rather buy books with the money. I do eat out if we’re too far from home to get back for a meal, however, and sometimes get good ideas for a meal I haven’t tried yet. Today John and I were in Edinburgh and I had lentil, aubergine and potato curry on brown rice, which was a meal I’m going to recreate…
    I miss seeing pics of those wee sweetnesses of yours! Hope the computer’s fixed soon!

  2. you and me feel the same way abiut eating out. that’s why I don’t eat out either… its also because restaurants don’t really cater to vegans…and if I am going to pay an arm & a leg for a salad, I will make it myself at home, at least I know its clean and free of germs…and it costs way less then what they are going to charge me…its absolutely ridiculas….

  3. Thanks for the idea……looks very delicious and easy, I should try it..

    for more recipes like this you can check here —

    Food Recipes Hub [dot] Com

  4. Germophobes unite! Yes, I can definitely relate. Also, I can’t stand to touch the salt & pepper shakers and ketchup bottles.

  5. I agree with the whole germ thing too but I try not to think about it. Recently at the grocery store the guy who was bagging my groceries sneezed while he was bagging! As soon as I got home I wiped every box and bag with a clorox wipe before I would even put anything away! Ewwwwww As far as the cost goes it is expensive and its hard to find a good vegan meal close to my house.

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