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Weekend update…..

Hello.  How are you?  We are good.  The weekend came and went as usual.  Josh worked Saturday, so the boys and I were solo.  We didn’t do much that day.  There was an incident Friday with a creep in the parking lot of the store following me and the boys, so we laid low the next day.  The guy was up to no good and circled us four times.  Ugh.  Needless to say, I stopped by Josh’s work, made several more stops and took a long route home to make sure he didn’t follow us.  When we got home, I let Zeke roam the front yard to show his presence.  In case the a-hole did somehow catch up to us and see where we lived.  Most creeps are not to fond of big dogs.  I am so glad we have our Zekester.  Needless to say, after that incident, I was not much for going out and about over the weekend.  We stayed in, played and did some cooking.  Plus it is hot here.  The heat index is 105F.  Super hot.

During the week, I cook with Vegan on the Cheap.  Look for a big VOTC post tomorrow.  On the weekends, I try to dedicate my time to creating new recipes.  Several people have commented that I need to write a book.  That would be fun!  Regardless of writing a cookbook or not, I love to create new dishes.  One recipe I made was empanadas.  Yum!  I love empanadas.  I have tried several in the past and the problem I have had is the dough is to heavy on the whole wheat flour. I created a crust that was light and fluffy.  Lazy Smurf can vouch on the taste.  I brought her one when I dropped off some peppers and basil from our garden.  She said the empanada was great.  I have to agree.  We loved them.  I filled them with black beans, soyrizo, and potatoes.  Yum!

Friday I picked up the CSA.  We share it with Godmommy Mary. I love the CSA.  There is nothing better than fresh, organic, local veggies.  I made a pesto pasta primavera using basil from the CSA for the pesto. I put eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, bell pepper, onion, garlic, and carrots into the vegetable mix.  It was so tasty.  Fresh and very flavorful.

Saturday was leftover day.  Since Josh was working, I didn’t feel much like cooking.  So, it was clean out the fridge day.  I hate wasting food and am a firm believer in leftovers.  They are the best. 

Sunday is always family day.  There are no chores or errands to run, just fun with the family. That is the rule.  The whole day is dedicated to spending it together.  For breakfast I created a wonderful waffle recipe.  I made Black Forest Waffles.  A lovely combination of chocolate and fresh cherries.  They were perfect. 

Instead of having pizza on Friday night, I made it Sunday night.  I made a 5 vegetable marinara pizza with Daiya cheese for the two little guys.  And the best pizza ever for me and Josh.  I kid you not, this pizza was super good, beyond delicious.  The inspiration came from my friend Craig.  His friend had made a similar pizza and when I saw the picture, I couldn’t resist.  Are you ready?  Here are the ingredients:  crispy seitan bites, pineapple, roasted garlic, red onion, bell pepper, spinach, cilantro, Daiya cheese, and bbq sauce.  Now, I give you BBQ Chick-un Pineapple Pizza.

We are always trying to save money.  As I have mentioned before, our economy is in the toilet.  People who have jobs are lucky and I am blessed to be able to stay home with my two little guys.  Even if it means we have to make our belts super tight, not go out to dinner, budget our grocery list, etc.  Last night’s dinner was a reflection of saving money.  I was looking through the pantry and the CSA and decided on the meal.  I cooked up some blackeyed peas, found a box of grits and some potatoes in the pantry, I had some okra from the CSA, and some Daiya cheese in the fridge.  I created a crispy okra and potato recipe.  Cooked up the grits, added some Daiya cheese and hot pepper to them and made some cornbread muffins. The meal was a plate of Southern perfection and so cheap to make.

Having two little guys, we try to limit their television.  To much tv makes your kids less attentive, at least I think so.  Since it has been hot as hell out, I try to do something fun and crafty with the two little guys.  The other day, I brought out the paints and a canvas and the boys had a blast painting.  They painted a lovely picture and it is now hanging on the wall in our living room.

Well I am off to make some capes with the little guys and bake some bread.  Hope you have a lovely day.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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7 thoughts on “Weekend update…..

  1. Wow! That is kinda scary! Some people…. Either way, it looks like you had a nice relaxing weekend of cooking!

  2. All the food looks great, but I LOVED the pics of the painting session. Are you making posters for the house with them?

  3. Mmm, that pizza looks delicious.

    So sorry to hear about that creepy guy. I was out walking by myself once and this man kept circling the block and slowing down near me. When he stopped and asked me if I wanted a ride, I screamed at him that I was going to call the police. I felt icky for a few days after that too.

  4. That is so creepy and scary about the weird guy! But I don’t think he’d mess with the Zekester!
    Your food looks so tasty, as always. I must try waffles. I don’t have a waffle maker, though…
    What sweet little artists in residence!

  5. Yipes that’s a scary moment you experienced. I will keep you guys in prayer…also watch real good the kids…creeps usually try to take advantage of the innocent ones.

  6. OMG – hope you and the boys are all ok, a situation like that would totally freak me out, you’re so together to respond the way you did! and god-bless your lovely Zeke! That pizza looks delish, i’m doing pizza for Rory’s birthday tea tomorrow so that description has my mouth-watering! Love crafts with kids – my two are really into papercraft at the moment. If you think of a 3-D object, they WILL try and make it out of paper, be it a monster truck or a bow-tie! So silly! Take care, DJ xo

  7. Your empanadas look perfect! I love empanadas, I just hate making them. That situation with the creepy guy would have totally freaked me out, I am glad you guys are all okay!

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