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The 4 Ingredient Vegan: A book review

The kind folks at Book Publishing Company sent me a copy of this book to review.  The title alone is very appealing and raises curiosity.  Is it possible to create delicious vegan dishes with just four ingredients?  Well after browsing through this cookbook and trying a handful of recipes, the answer is “yes”. 

The 4 Ingredient Vegan offers simple and tasty recipes with easy to find ingredients and less time spent in the kitchen. This wonderful cookbook offers everything from breakfast to dessert.  Simple, yet very palate pleasing.

The recipes tried in this book were quite tasty.  The first recipe tested was the Lentil-Walnut Pate.  The recipe was easy to make and made enough to feed a small army.  Not only was it tasty with crackers, it is a great addition to any sandwich.  The flavor was bold but harsh.  It is the type of dip that could be enjoyed by adults as well as children.

The next recipe tried was the Seitan with Tomatoes and Sauerkraut.  This meal was hearty and flavorful.  Once again offering the simplest of ingredients.  The leftovers made for a very nice lunch the following day.

The recipe for the Crispy Artichoke Hearts in The 4 Ingredient Vegan was to die for.  They were so crispy and delicious.  Simple to make, and perfect when dipped in the creamy horseradish sauce (also a recipe in the book).  The recipe is listed as a side, but could easily be offered as an appetizer.  It would be a real crowd pleaser.

The desserts offered in The 4 Ingredient Vegan were simplistic perfection.  Easy ingredients, quick to make, and pleasing to the whole family.  The Banana, Chocolate, and Ginger Pastry was not only a healthy dessert alternative but a combination of flavors that were flaky and delicious. 

The 4 Ingredient Vegan would be a nice addition to any cookbook shelf.  Simple, tasty, and easy to find ingredients.  It is a book perfect for a person just learning to cook vegan food, as well as the seasoned family chef who is pressed for time.


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7 thoughts on “The 4 Ingredient Vegan: A book review

  1. This looks wonderful! I’ll have to make sure a get a copy when it’s available.

  2. thanks for reviewing this cookbook. i wondered if the recipes would be tasty, with so few ingredients. they sound delicious!

  3. Erin on said:

    I bought this book after seeing a presentation by the authors at the North American Vegetarian Conference this year. The recipes were developed by inviting non-vegans to a series of brunches over several weeks. The recipes that made it into the books were the most popular. We all have non-vegans in our lives and we want to feed them food that makes them happy and healthy. I have yet to try a recipe that did not work from this book. Two thumbs up from me.

  4. Oh, no, Krys! Don’t tell me I’m going to have to buy another recipe book! 🙂 I love Vegan on the Cheap and this sounds like another goodie!

  5. I’m not even a vegan, but every time I read your posts, I want to try everything. I’m especially curious about the lentil walnut pate. Sounds yummy!

  6. Haha! That is great! I am guilty of using a ton of ingredients so maybe I need this!

  7. After I recuperaye from my back surgery which is next Wednesday, I will have to get this book for me & my daughter in law. Thanks Krys for the review.

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