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Still cooking away….

with Vegan on the Cheap.  There are no food pictures in this post due to transferring everything to the new laptop.  I will post a cute picture of the two little guys as always.  I pulled the picture off of my Facebook page.  The VOTC cook-through is till going strong.  Here are several meals I made from Robin’s awesome book.  And as I have mentioned before, this book is great for the frugal minded folks out there.  The recipes are delicious and the cost is low.  Right up my alley.

We made the Torta Rustica from VOTC.  I used eggplant from our CSA box as well as tomatoes.  The cost for us was $1.50.  I had to buy mushrooms and I opted for fresh spinach instead of frozen.  I have issues with frozen spinach.  The frozen spinach our store carries is generic and they never have organic.  And I almost forgot to mention, I used a lovely bell pepper and onion from our CSA box too.  Such goodness.  The torta rustica awas seriously good and easily served 8.  The leftovers were even more tasty the next day.  It kind of reminded me of an Italian pot pie.  The sausage recipe that goes into the torta was amazing.  It is from VOTC and it was so good. I plan to make more of those.  The cost per serving in VOTC is <$1.00 and it serves 8.

The next meal I made from VOTC was the Tempeh Bobotee.  The recipe had me at “South African” in the description.  I love love love African food, so I could not wait to try this recipe.  Man oh man was it good.  The grocery store had tempeh on sale so that made the meal even more economical.  It was great accompanied with the chutney recipe in VOTC.  We had some leftover in our freezer.  I thought the meal would taste odd because it called for an apple.  I have never really had apple in an entree, at least not to my knowledge.  I was proven wrong, this meal was great.  The cost for us was $2.oo to make. The cost of tempeh and an apple.  We had all the other ingredients.  It smelled so good baking.  Though it is very warm here, this meal is definitely worth turning the oven on for.  The cost per serving in VOTC is <$1.50 and it serves 6. 

Another recipe from VOTC we made is one I like to refer to as “Mushroom Madness”.  It was full of mushroom goodness.  As a former hater of mushrooms, this meal I loved. I really like mushrooms now.  As a kid you couldn’t get me to touch them even if my life depended on it.  Hee hee.  The cost for this meal was $2.00 and that was for a package of portabellos.  This meal was great full of mushroomy goodness.  I really liked the combination of beans and breadcrumbs to accompany the mushrooms.  I added fresh thyme to the dish.  In VOTC the cost is <$!.50 and serves 4. 

Now lets talk sandwiches.  I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to a sandwich in a cookbook.  If it is not in the form of a bbq sandwich, a sloppy joe, or a philly cheesesteak, I will most likely pass by the recipes.  The sandwich in VOTC made me a believer.  I tried the Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches with Creamy White Bean Spread recipe.  The roasted squash and portabello in this sandwich made it a real winner.  I used a yellow squash and a zucchini in the sandwich.  And fresh basil from our garden.  We only had to buy a portabello cap.  The day before I had made some bread.  The bean spread was simple yet ever so tasty.  Even the little fellows liked the bean spread.  I assembled the sandwiches and then grilled them a bit on our griddle. The cost for the meal was about 50cents.  In VOTC, the cost is <$1.50 and it serves 4.  This sandwich will definitely impress the non-sandwich people in your life. 

Now the pizza of the week wasn’t our usual pizza.  You know the kind with a yeast crust, always made by me.  This pizza was different.  And being one who likes only a yeast crust, making this pizza was a stretch for me.  But seeing that I am doing a cook-through and am the daring type, I gave it a go ahead.  I made the Polenta Pizza with Roasted Vegetables from VOTC.  The recipe sold me with the roasted vegetables.  That is one of my favorite ways to eat vegetables.  The cost for the meal was around a $1.20, the cost of two portabellos.  As you noticed we ate a hell of a lot of mushrooms this week.  But no worries, every recipe was different enough, that there was no mushroom boredom. 🙂  I added an eggplant to the pizza and some Daiya cheese.  It was a really good pizza, not round like I am used to, but still worth making again.  Thanks Robin for making me a believer.  The cost in VOTC is <$1.00 per serving and serves 4.

Last but not least on the recipe list from VOTC was dessert.  We love dessert around here. We only eat dessert on the weekends as a treat.  So, I decided to make the Chocolate-Cherry Bread Pudding.  I never had bread pudding growing up as a kid.  I know, I know, that is crazy talk, but it is true.  This bread pudding was amazing.  Chocolate and cherries together, “holy tofu Batman!”  The boys loved it as did mum and dad.  The cost to make the dessert was $3.00, that was the cost for the cherries which included dried cherries and preserves.  In VOTC, the cost is $1.00 per serving and it serves 6.  If you want to impress someone with a super delicious dessert, make this one. Wow!

In garden news, we planted seeds for the fall garden.  I am excited.  Of course the month of August would bring the hottest temperatures of the summer.  It was 102F today.  Needless to say, we will be keeping our little plants shaded and watered. We planted the following seeds:   cauliflower, kale, collards, mustard, broccoli, spinach, and swiss chard.  We will buy eggplant seedlings when the weather cools down a bit.  For now our summer garden is producing okra, peppers, herbs, watermelon, cantaloupe, and zucchini squash.

Well I am off to work on a couple of projects. One easy and the other frustrating.  People who are wishy washy really annoy me.  Ugh.  But I will keep up the good fight and complete my projects, even if I have to go solo at it.

Hope you have a lovely day.

peas and love…..
Krys and the boys

My two little guys watching a movie together on the couch.  They are really starting to look like brothers.  Aren’t they the cutest?  🙂


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8 thoughts on “Still cooking away….

  1. lazysmurf on said:

    well now I desperately want vegan on the cheap!

  2. I actually saw a copy of Vegan on the Cheap at Kroger, the grocery store! They have a very tiny book section and they actually had a vegan cookbook. Unfortunately, I’ve placed a moritorium on myself from buying new cookbooks until I wrap up my own. 😦

  3. Well, I now know which recipes to turn to next! It’s really useful knowing from you which ones to try! This is a great recipe book!

    I wonder what film the wee fellows were watching. They’re so sweet!

  4. Wow, they look so much alike now!

    How big is your garden? Sounds like you have your own farm with all you grow!

  5. thanks for all the votc reviews, the recipes all sound wonderful! we are trying to trim our grocery bill while still eating healthy, and i think this cookbook will help with that. i’ve been reading your blog for a bit, your boys are adorable! have a good day!

  6. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your boys are so cute! Cool blog!

  7. Yep. I believe they are the cutest! 🙂

    Your week of mushroom bonanza sounds awesome! The Torta Rustica sounds particularly yummy. And I used to be a mushroom hater too! 😀

    Good luck with your projects!

  8. Ingrid on said:

    Hi, I just wanted to say how helpful your blog is, especially your journey through Vegan on the Cheap. I bought this book pretty recently, and your blog posts are helping me decide what to make! Have you made the black bean and kale soup at all? Perfect for winter (I’m in Australia, and it’s winter now.)

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