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The 21 dollar challenge…

A new and lovely friend of ours, Vegan Hope has given her readers a challenge.  I love challenges so I was happy to participate in this one.  I also love budgeting my grocery list and being very frugal.  She is challenging her readers to grocery shop on $21 a week per family member.  That is the budget you would be given if on food stamps.  Here is the link, check it out: .

We went grocery shopping this evening for said challenge.  We spent $67.  This also includes the cost of our CSA share.  We bought ingredients to make the following meals this week:

Spicy Coconut Tofu w/roasted broccoli & rice


-Roasted stuffed acorn squash

-Homemade marinara with Polenta

-Tofu scramble with tortillas

-Roasted red pepper pesto with pasta


-Banana Oat Muffins

-Strawberry Streusel Muffins

-Chocolate Zucchini Bread

-Granola Bars

Check out Vegan Hope and the 21 DOllar a Week Challenge.  Her blog is amazing and her journey into the vegan lifestyle is a wonderful story.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

peas and love…..
Krys and the boys


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5 thoughts on “The 21 dollar challenge…

  1. Thanks for posting that link. It really made me think….I spend LOTS more than that on groceries, probably needlessly, although I tell myself it is because we have all different meals for me, him, and them! I would like to get everyone on the same track, but to no avail…..

    Anyway, your menu looks fabulous as always. Enjoy!

  2. I cant wait to see the strawberry strudel muffins! Wholly crap!

    It seems like a lot of people are trying the $21 vegan diet. Very cool.

  3. This all sounds fabulous! What recipe do you use for tofu scramble? It’s something I’ve enjoyed in restaurants but have tried without success to make at home. It always comes out either too bland, too dry, or both.

    I always want to participate in this type of challenge but I never know how! My CSA box brings produce every other week, and I fill in the gaps with the farmer’s market. But for everything else I do one giant shopping trip once every two months and mega-stock up my house. So it becomes impossible to tell how much I’m spending per week. Probably well over $21, though. I’m going to puzzle out if there’s a way to price the menu I have planned without having to go crazy with calculations.

  4. Wow, I’m impressed that you are making all that for four people and you only spent $67. I’ve always cosidered myself to be pretty frugal too.

  5. Awesome ideas for the “21$ Challenge”!!! Good to see others trying it too!

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