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Well it is Tuesday.  There is not much excitement here today.  Well a little housekeeping, but nothing noteworthy.  How was your weekend?  Ours was quiet.  Josh had to work Saturday so it was just me and the boys, or as I like to call it, “Single Parent Saturday”.  We went to Whole Foods to pick up some Daiya and play on the rooftop playground.  For some reason, Boogie loves the playground there.  It is small, but I think he is amazed that a grocery store has a playground.  I’m sure in his mind all grocery stores should have playgrounds, which would be pretty cool.

Sunday was Josh’s birthday. I made cranberry orange pancakes for breakfast.  They were quite tasty.  We ran around all day.  I made a vegan version of Hostess cupcakes for his birthday dessert.  They are similar to Isa’s Fauxstess Cupcakes in “Vegan with a Vengeance”.  They were so tasty.  The boys of course loved them too.  We went out to dinner for his birthday.  Something we rarely do.  For two main reasons:   first I am frugal and hate wasting money on a meal that turns out to be mediocre, and second, I am a bit neurotic about who touches my food.  One of my fellow blogger friend’s can totally relate to this one.  We have eaten out maybe 5 times this year, if that much.  So, Josh decided on a local pizza joint that had Daiya cheese.  We were excited about that.  We go in, order our pizza, a Daiya cheese pizza with tempeh.  It was tasty.  The prices on the menu seemed reasonable.  Yay for that one!  Until we get our bill.  A glass of tea is $2.  Give me a break.  Then we see the price of the pizza.  There was a $5 vegan cheese substitution.  Are you kidding me?  I was pissed.  The pizza was good and all, but not good enough for a $5 substitute charge.  First of all, they barely used a cup of Daiya on our pizza.  And second, a bag of Daiya cheese does not cost $5.  What a rip off!?!?!?  I left the place very annoyed and disappointed.  Once again, telling Josh, this is why I do not like to go out to eat.  It turns out to be a freaking waste of money.  We went to the grocery store that evening and while shopping all I could think about was the money I wasted at the stupid pizza joint and that money could have gone towards groceries for the week.  Ugh!  Josh told me not to beat myself up about it.  I just don’t like getting screwed over for being vegan.  It is bad enough a coffee house will charge 25-50cents for a soymilk substitution.  Sorry for complaining. 

Birthday Cupcakes

Friday night I made tacos.  I had a craving for some tacos.  We had some sweet potatoes leftover from our CSA, and black beans in the freezer.  I made sweet potato/black bean/seitan tacos.  They were so good.  I sprinkled them with a little bit of leftover Daiya cheese.  Mmm.  Even the leftovers were tasty for lunch on Saturday.

For those of you who have been reading our blog for a while, you may remember back earlier in the year, I was a member of a dinner co-op.  Dinner co-ops are great.  It is 3-4 families that participate in cooking dinner for one another.  Each family is assigned a day.  We cook dinner for the other 3 families as well as ourselves and deliver it by 5:30.  It is awesome.  It boils down to a mum only cooking 3 nights a week instead of 7.  Yippee!  Nothing beats a hot, delicious vegan meal delivered to your door.  I took a break from the dinner co-op over the summer, but now I am back.  And boy is it nice.  Yesterday we were delivered some African food, lentils, potatoes & green beans, rice, and pita bread.  The spices were very mild which was perfect for Little Bear, he liked the lentils, rice and pita bread.  Boogie opted for rice and pita bread.  He is Mr. Picky Pants.

Speaking of Mr. Picky Pants,  I decided to make sweet potato chips and kale chips in the dehydrator yesterday.  Success!  The boys loved them.  Little Bear loved the sweet potato chips and Boogie loved the sweet potato chips and kale chips.  Yippee!  He kept asking for more, “Incredible Hulk” chips that’s what he called the kale chips.  Healthy and delicious.  And these chips were not deep fried of full of preservatives. 

Here are some fun pictures of us at the park yesterday.  We have the two best little guys ever.

I love these guys.

My sweet little guys.

Hope you each have a lovely day.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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23 thoughts on “Tuesday……

  1. radioactivegan on said:

    I completely agree with you about the extra cost for substituting vegan items. I do NOT believe that the restaurant has to pay so much more for Daiya than for dairy cheese. And the real kicker is that it is often almost impossible to figure out what the charge for vegan subs will be until the bill comes. An extra $5 is outrageous. I get mad when it’s an extra $2!

  2. A grocery store has a playground? That is crazy! Also, the cupcake looks great and the orange cranberry pancakes could be sent my way anytime! 🙂

  3. Mmm…everyone’s makin’ kale chips these days. I haven’t had them in so, so long! On eating out: I’m pretty tight on most things (like I rarely ever go clothes shopping), but I tend to splurge when eating out. There’s something that I love about the novelty of having someone make your food….even when I know mine is sometimes better.

  4. I had to laugh when I read about your experience at the restaurant – that’s just how I would react! Nothing gets me more annoyed than being taken for a ride – $5 for vegan cheese, they have a brass neck!!! And to top it all, who knows what the kitchen (or the kitchen staff) looks like!!! 😉 I’m loving the cupcakes – Lucky Josh! – I take it that swirly-wirly design is the mark of a true fauxstess/hostess cupcake? Thanks for the mashed potato tip, btw, it really was good! My single parent days tend to be Monday-Friday, so I can empathise with that!

  5. Hiya Krys!!

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch for … ages!! … You have inspired me and we are now members of the CSA box!! Got our first last Thursday – so exciting!! I am going to an Indian grocery store to get some spices to tackle the Okra – the most scary veggie for me … never cooked it before. Am going to have to get creative with the eggplants too – my better half hates them so it’s gonna be all me & if I’m lucky perhaps the wee man will have some too. We signed up for every two weeks but i think we may have to do every week …. so yummy!!

    I hear you on the upcharging pizza … however at least you can eat gluten … I got a gluten free pizza at a local pizza joint … but the price wasn’t on the menu … the bill came and a pizza for one cost $16!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was fuming … gluten free flour is not very much more than normal flour! At least I didn’t have daiya too … 😉

  6. Karen Todd on said:

    I’ve got to agree with you about the waste of money going out for vegan food. I get free food at work (hospital cafeteria) which I seldom take advantage of because it is usually full of non-vegan things. I bring my lunch and supplement with what is OK. (Today a baked sweet potato). Love your blog. Glad you’re back doing the co-op dinners. I want to buy Vegan on the Cheap because of your recommendations.

  7. I am trying to overcome right now a sweet craving moment that is driving me insane…and your cupcake which is divine is making me look for something sweet to eat…OHHHH…I don’t have anything, so I think I will make some apple crisp…I can’t wait to dig in….yum!!!!

    There goes the diet.

  8. GRRRR!! I would have been annoyed too! What a flipping rip-off! That’s just ridiculous and scammy.

    Happy belated birthday to Josh! Your Fauxstess Cupcakes look *perfect* 🙂

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Seriously? I can understand being aggravated about the bill, but come on! You where going out for Josh’s birthday! Why be so dramatic about everything? Just take your husband out and try and enjoy the day! If you think you’re going to go out to eat and not have to pay for the service and goods, you must be living in a cave. Just suck it up and get over it!

    • Dear dickface

      You obviopusly don’t know Kris and you must not be vegan. It would be like your fat ass being charged $10 for extra cheese on your pizza. So, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut the fuck up! This is a nice family and her friends don’t like people like you.

      • Above mentioned expletive on said:

        Wow, Sara, you sure sound like a really nice person. Yes, I have to agree, her friends don’t like people like me. I’m a very evil person. I am not bashing vegans or you or people like you. I think what she is doing is great, my family and I are trying to get on a budget as well. However, when we do go out to eat, we do expect to pay WAY more than a good home cooked meal. And yes, I am surprised at times at my bill, but that’s the cost of eating out. Have a wonderful day…and try not to be so angry.

    • Anonymous on said:

      She wasn’t being dramatic in the slightest, she was just expressing a mild frustration over something that is objectively shitty and unfair. Apparently you are the one living in a cave since you can’t understand why being charged 5 bucks for something that doesn’t even cost 5 bucks at the grocery store is ridiculous. I’m just going to assume that you are some fabulously wealthy person who has nothing better to do than leave absurd comments on the blog of one of the best moms a child could wish to have. If only we could all be as cool as you.

      • Hey ass cheese

        Why don’t you fuck off and leave this nice family alone. No one wants to read your rude comments.

    • I don’t think I was being dramatic. Josh complained about the bill as well. So, it definitely wasn’t one-sided. We are on a budget and try to save every nickel and dime. That is why we were frustrated.

      By the way, I thought everyone was being nice to one another and getting along. We don’t have to make ugly comments. I recognize your computer address. I hope you have a great day. And we love you regardless of what you may think of us.

    • marylamb on said:

      This is Krys’ blog and she has the right to talk about whatever she wants. I would be frustrated as well about paying more money for something that should DEFINITELY not cost that much. If the content of her blog annoys you that much, then stop reading.

  10. Pingback: Black Bear Boogie

  11. I want to chime in about eating out in general. We rarely eat out as we don’t have much money and I like to cook. We ate out on Saturday night at a chain restaurant after being invited by neighbor. I thought this type of place was cheap but I was wrong. The food was mediocre and I spent in one night what I normally spend for a week of groceries for my family of 4.

    • JN-That’s exactly why we were frustrated. We went grocery shopping that evening and the cost of the meal would have paid for all of our groceries except $3.

      I love to cook as well and since we are also on a budget, going out to eat and it turning out to be mediocre or a waste of money can be very frustrating.

      Thanks for your comment. Hope you have a lovely day.

  12. I would be pissed too. I am extremely frugal too, although, I do eat out more than I should.

    As for the nasty commenter above, it’s really easy to pick on someone who is being open and honest out here on the web. I think you responded perfectly, Krys. I would NOT have been so nice. 🙂

  13. My thoughts on the dining out issue. Being upcharged for $5 for Daiya cheese is ridiculous. A bag of Daiya does not cost $5. At an omni restaurant, patrons would not pay $5 for extra cheese. So, I can definitely see why Krys complained. I would have too.

    Obviously dining out, you do pay for goods and services, but she is not living in a cave by complaining about the upcharge on the cheese.

    While the comments with the curse words in it were rude. Stating that she lives in a cave is just as rude too.

  14. Wow! Twenty comments, that’s a lot over cheese. All this fuss over little ole me. Hee hee.

    I want to address one main issue. Sara and !!!, I appreciate you coming to the defense of vegans, but can we back up from the profanity just a bit? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your comments, but he is allowed to have an opinion just like the rest of us. Say what you want, lets just cut down on the language.



  15. Wow! I’ve never heard of a dinner co-op before- I LOVE the idea.

  16. Am i allowed to have a bit of advice? I think youve had sth good here. Yet imagine if you also offered a couple of references to a website that supports what you’re you said? Or even you may provide us with some extra information to check out, something might link up what exactly you were saying, something tangible?

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