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“A” is for pretzel….

Well not really, but we did shape pretzels into the letter “A” for Boogie’s lesson of the week.  He chooses a letter each week and we practice writing it, spelling simple words with the letter and make learning fun.  Yesterday I made a batch of pretzel dough.  He had so much fun making a dozen of the letter “A”.  When his daddy came home for lunch he showed him and we all ate a letter “A” together.  This week I am also teaching him about the planets and our solar system.  He is going to make a mobile with the planets and stars. 

Sunday night I made butternut squash/soyrizo enchiladas with a homemade tomatillo sauce.  They were really tasty.  I liked the combination of the butternut squash and soyrizo.  I served it with tortilla chips and a roasted hatch chile corn relish.  The boys loved the enchiladas sans the sauce.

Roasted hatch chile corn relish.

Monday we were delivered jambalaya with garlic bread.  Boogie ate a bowl full.  Little Bear tried a spoon of it and spit it out.  Ugh.  He used to be such a good eater, but now he is going through a picky phase.  So, he opted for some of the garlic bread and I made him something else to eat.  The jambalaya was good and hearty.

Last night we were delivered a broccoli quiche and Waldorf salad.  It was delicious.  In my pre-vegan days I was never a big fan of quiche and you couldn’t get me to eat Waldorf salad.  No way.  But now that I have tried vegan Waldorf salad, yum!

Tomorrow is my delivery day for the dinner co-op, so I always cook on Wednesday.  I am making pumpkin chili, homemade bread, and some kind of treat.  The weather has finally cooled down here.  So, it is soup, stew, and chili season.  And of course pumpkin season, which I absolutely love.  Yay for Fall!

Hope you each have a lovely Wednesday.   By the way, I posted a new installment in the ‘Thrifty Vegans’ section.  Brand new shoes, tags still on them for just $2.  Oh yes!

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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12 thoughts on ““A” is for pretzel….

  1. That is great! I would have loved this as a kid! You are a great mum!

  2. Mmmmm, I think I must run out and buy some tomatillos now!

  3. I wish you were my mom, so you could make me letter pretzels…

  4. Arthur gets an A+! Wow, that was a bad pun! 😛

    I hope Little Bear’s picky phase doesn’t last very long or he will be missing out on some yummy din-dins!

    $2 shoes?! Score!!

  5. What a great idea for the pretzels! How fun!! That tomatillo sauce looks amazing.

  6. “A” is for AWESOME!!!!! Good job Krys….your kids are so lucky and so special to have such a creative Mom like you.

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    Thank you.

  8. You’re such a great mom! If I ever adopt a little one of my own I’ll know one place to go for inspiration 🙂 Seriously, the idea of molding the pretzels into letters, amazing!

  9. Vegannifer on said:

    I’m drooling over those enchiladas! Wow! The pretzels look mighty tasty, too! Did you make cookies for letter C week?

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