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D is for dinosaur…..

This week Boogie is learning the letter ‘D’.  He is doing quite well writing his letters.  He has A, and B down perfectly.  He tries to write C backwards sometimes and writes the letter D like a champ.  The letter D lesson plan went perfectly with Little Bear’s birthday cake and homemade ‘Saltine’ crackers.  Yes, I had to make crackers again. 

Our youngest fellow turned 2 this past Sunday.  Where has the time gone?  He is obsessed with dinosaurs.  He says, “T-rex, Stegasaurus, Triceratops” in the cutest little voice ever.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  He was saying those words before he turned 2.  For his birthday I made a dinosaur cake.  We had a small party for him at the park.  Big brother wanted a slice of the volcano.  Little Bear loved his cake.  He said, “Dinesor! Dinesor!” , when he saw it.  That is his word for dinosaur.  The volcano is chocolate cake and the land is vanilla.  Yum!

My poor little fellow was sick this past Sunday.  Ugh!  It was bound to happen.  If one child is sick, the other most likely will get sick too.  I made him crackers using dinosaur cookie cutters.  He loved them. 

Sunday morning I made tofu scramble for me and Josh and tried my hand at making homemade tortillas.  A good friend sent me her recipe. Perfection!  They were delicious.  I will be making my own tortillas from now on. They were simple to make and better than anything from the store. 

Unfortunately, there are no other food pictures.  Our camera is starting to crap out due to being dropped a few times.  Ugh.  The dinner co-op is still alive and kicking and the meals are always tasty. This week I made a spicy black bean soup, homemade bread, and peanut butter cookies for the co-op.  The soup was simple to make, but very tasty. 

Well I am off to eat dinner with the family.  Fingers crossed Little Bear is on the mend.  Tis the season for colds and flu.  Lame! 

Big brother with a mouth full of cake.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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13 thoughts on “D is for dinosaur…..

  1. AWESOME cake! and those dinosaur crackers are so cute.

  2. such a great cake and crackers…you rock mom!

  3. LOVE the cake and Crackers! Your the best mom ever!

  4. Great cake! And I’d love to try my own tortillas. Sorry about the nasty bugs going around, though… 😦
    I have to tell you that the other day I made corn muffins with your corn-crust recipe (which has become a family favourite!) and they went down VERY well with chilli! 🙂 So thanks again! 🙂

  5. What an awesome cake! I love that volcano! And the little lake! Aww, what a lucky birthday boy. I hope he feels better soon though, poor Little Bear!

  6. Vegannifer on said:

    It’s hard to believe your youngest is 2! Mine is now 15 months and, you’re right to ask where the time is going! I think back to this time last year and remember how stressed and tired I was and how much difference a year makes! Your boys are gorgeous!

    Aren’t homemade tortillas good???!! I wish I could dedicate a few hours every week to making them so that I would always have them on hand.

  7. Happy birthday to your little guy. Congrats on your older one learning to write his letters. Mine is doing the same. Love your cake.

  8. I think I have to make a dinosaur cake for my birthday next year!

  9. I think all kids love dinosaurs! I know I did when I was a kid….and maybe still now. 🙂 I need to get some dino-cookie cutters!

  10. Oh! Happy Birthday little bear! I got so excited about the dinosaurs I forgot! 🙂

  11. Cool! Nice blog, I’ll be back!


  12. Happy (belated) Birthday, Little Bear! I loved the cake the minute I saw it – inspired! Plus the dinosaur crackers look awesome – exactly the think to get a poorly little bear to have something to eat!

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