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20 days…..

…and counting.  Yep, in 20 days,  I will turn the big 4-0.  Can you believe it?  It is crazy.  Time is flying by.  This month is flying by.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Then my voyage into the 40s, Hanukkah, and Christmas.  2010, where have you gone?  It just seemed like yesterday we were saying “Happy New Year”. 

How the MoFo are you?   I am still cooking up a storm as usual.  Less pictures though.  Our camera was dropped by a friend’s daughter and it has been on the fritz ever since.  Fingers crossed I get a new camera for my birthday.  That being said, when I do take a picture, the camera will either try to shut off or delete the file.  Not so helpful. 

Here is our meal plan for this week.

Mon-Cajun burgers, coleslaw, & homefries

Tues-Chipotle split pea soup w/garlic foccacia

Wed-Pad Thai

Thurs-Stuffed shells

Fri-Pepperoni & mushroom stromboli

Sat-Chana masala w/chapatis

Sun-ChickUn n’ biscuits casserole

The other day I dehydrated eggplant to make eggplant chips or as the boys call them, “purple chips”.  I used 1 large eggplant, thinly sliced, threw it in a bowl, coated it with olive oil and sea salt and placed it in the dehydrator.  Wow!  It was a tasty treat.  The boys liked them too, especially Little Bear.  He pretty much ate 3/4 of a large eggplant in the form of eggplant chips. 

Today I have the crockpot simmering.  It is full of the chipotle split pea soup recipe I created.  Wowza!  It smells so good in the house right now.  I was never a fan of split pea soup as a kid.  But then, my only knowledge of split pea soup came from a can.  Gross!  Now the real stuff, homemade with fresh veggies, that is boss.

Well, I am off to make some mac and cheese for the two little guys.  Hope you have a lovely Tuesday.  And I hope to post some pictures later this week.  Pending the camera cooperates. 

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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11 thoughts on “20 days…..

  1. Krys, you’re still a spring chicken! I hope you get a nice new camera for your birthday as, apart from anything else, we’d all miss your great photos. I love the one of the four of you in the pipe. Is that a sleepy wee fellow?

  2. 40! Whoa! I hit 30 this year and was depressed for months. You wear it well and I am sure it will be a fun time! Get that camera back in working order, with a quickness!

  3. 40’s not so bad. I am only 2 weeks in, but so far it’s been just fine. 🙂 Your menu looks great!


  5. being vegan is the fountain of youth! hehe I’m 42.
    i love your blog, makes me hungry

  6. Vegannifer on said:

    The 29th, then? My birthday is the 30th. I’m inching toward 40, but still a few years away. 40 is the new 20 – enjoy! Also, your boys will keep you forever young!

  7. Well so far 39 isn’t so bad. I say just celebrate 40. It’s all about your outlook. Life is good. You have a great life!

  8. Where does the time go?! Personally, I think you’re going to rock your 40’s! 🙂

    Your menu sounds so good! Put me down for a serving of ChickUn n’ biscuits casserole, will you? I hope you get a new camera for your birthday!

  9. Love your menu! What a bummer about your camera.. I hope you get one for your birthday!

  10. Anne Regen on said:

    Happy Birthday Krys. I really enjoy your food/family blog with all of the great photos. Thanks for sharing with us. BTW, you mentioned making mac & cheese for your boys. Would you be able to share what mac & cheese recipe you use(if any)?

    Thanks again! And Happy Birthday!

  11. You know, they say 40 is the new twenty… I always just think you’re the same age as me, but then I think your outlook is pretty youthful! And how can those gorgeous boys not keep you on your toes?! DJ xo

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