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Mmmm pumpkin…..

“I want to eat so much pumpkin, that when the season is over, I don’t want to see another pumpkin until next year.”  That was a quote from Josh last month.  He loves pumpkin season, and who could blame him.  Pumpkin is so versatile.  You can use it in sweets, soup, stew, bread, and (drum roll, please) empanadas.  Since we are starting ‘The 365 Day Project’, I am attempting to make food that freezes easily.  Not just soup or stew.  I know I would get very tired of that eventually.  So, last night I made pumpkin/black bean empanadas with a creamy tomatillo sauce.  I made mini black bean/corn empanadas for the boys.  I had dough leftover which was just fine, because I made apple/cinnamon sugar empanadas as a dessert treat.  They were just peeled apple grated and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  So tasty.  The boys really liked the mini empanadas.  I was happy to see that.  Next time I make them, I will do a variation and add more vegetables, like spinach and carrots.

This week, I also made cereal.  It made a ton and was very tasty.  Both boys enjoyed it too.  It is full of goodness, wheat germ, wheat bran, oats, dried fruit, all kinds of good stuff.  Healthy, no preservatives and hasn’t sat on the shelf for days and weeks on end.

Tomorrow evening we are going to Josh’s work Christmas party.  It is family friendly, which is always odd to me, because hardly anyone brings their kids, except for us and maybe two other families.  It is always at a fancy hotel downtown and the food is catered by the hotel or a restaurant.  Therein lies the delimma.  The vegan food is far if none at all.  So, I plan to eat ahead and feed the boys just in case.  They also have a bar, so there will be drinking and dancing.  I’m sure the boys will have fun and Little Bear will love running around the joint. That means we will be chasing him.  I did get a cute Gap dress from the local thrift store to wear.  Once again, a $50 dress, I paid $4.  Yippee! 

It is chilly here right now, 38F.  Not as cold as some of my friends who live North and in Europe, but still cold.  We plan to go outdoors and go to the YMCA, but not until it warms up a bit.  For now, I think I will bake some bread.  Hope you each have a lovely Thursday and a wonderful weekend.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys

My sweet Boogie.

My cutie pie, Little Bear.


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4 thoughts on “Mmmm pumpkin…..

  1. I feel the same way about pumpkin! I wanna get my fill now while its still in season. The homemade cereal is a great idea!!

  2. This was the first year I was really sold on pumpkin. I really enjoyed it this year. 🙂

  3. I so love pumpkin. And butternut squash.

    It’s funny about the ‘family friendly’ isn’t it? Some people don’t think they can have a good time with their kids around!

    Very wise to eat beforehand! We do! But it’s annoying if you’ve paid full price for a meal!

    Gorgeous pics of the boys, with your lovely new camera! Your birthday present from me is taking rather longer than I intended, since I haven’t been out of the house for a LONG time because of the snow! Keep waiting! 🙂

  4. cereal looks yum! I am making a pumpkin ziti (vegan) for our latke party Tuesday. Love a pumpkin.

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