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Hot tamales!!!!

I have always wanted to make tamales.  Living in the South, they are quite popular here.  Vegan ones can be hard to find.  Luckily there is a place that makes vegan tamales, but they are pricey.  I checked out a Mexican Vegetarian cookbook from the library and saw a tamale recipe in it.  I have always heard tamales can be difficult and time-conuming to make.  I thought I would give a it a go anyway.  Success!  I made three different kinds:   sweet potato/pecan, black bean/plantain, and creamy corn.  They were so good.  I made one and a half dozen, so we had some to freeze.  They were served with homemade refried beans and Spanish rice.

Fresh from the steamer.


Friday night I made homemade eggrolls and chickUN fried rice.  They were both a real hit.  The eggrolls had sprouts, cabbage, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms.  Delicious!

Today and tomorrow will be busy for me.  I am baking two big trays of brownies for Josh’s work and tomorrow filling a baking order.  And I just remembered I am baking goodies for family members later this week.  Looks like our place will be very warm with the oven on everyday.  Yay for baking!

Do you like photography?  Check out the starving artist etsy site. 

Hope you each have a lovely day.

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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5 thoughts on “Hot tamales!!!!

  1. I’ve never had tamales, but I wish I had the courage to make my own. Yours look great!

  2. I’ve always wanted to make my own tamales….but just haven’t set aside the time to do so. One day, one day.

  3. These look so good! You’re such a wonderful cook, Krys! You always make me want to be more adventurous!

    That’s a very sweet photo! 🙂

    I think it’ll be the new year before I can get everything I want for your wee birthday parcel. Keep waiting!

  4. Tamales are great! I have been wanting to make these forever! I really like the sweet pic of the boys holding hands! too cute!

  5. Anne Regen on said:

    Krys: Your (husband’s) nachos look awesome. Would you mind sharing what the “creamy” sauce on the nachos is made from? Thanks again for sharing all of your inspiration and hard work with us. Love it.

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