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Yes!  I am so glad it is Friday.  For some reason I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday.  Whew!  Insert sigh of relief.  Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  We are prepping the garden.  The boys and I are going to plant veggie seeds and go to the garden center to pick up some soil and a few herb plants.  I can’t wait.  I love gardening and now that the weather is turning warmer, it is a perfect time to get outside.

We have been cooking as usual.  The 365 Day Project is still going strong too.  Last night I made hoisen baked eggplant, edamame fried rice, and spring rolls with a spicy peanut dipping sauce.  I loved this meal.  Especially the spring rolls.  The boys loved the edamame fried rice and the baked tofu sticks I made for them.  So good.

This week I also made a cheezy broccoli soup that turned out amazing.  I served it with some crusty garlic bread.  Little Bear loved it.  And Boogie just wanted the raw broccoli.  The kid LOVES raw broccoli.  I always find him in the fridge eating the raw broccoli I have in a bowl.  Yay!

I made pretzels for the boys this week.  I made fun sugar cinnamon shaped pretzels for the boys and regular garlic pretzels and sea salt pretzels for me and Josh.  Yummy.

We made a pot pie.  I love pot pies.  They are always filled with so much goodness.  And of course it had a silly face on it.

We had a really cold day last week.  So cold that the high was 23F.  There was nothing els to do but stay indoors.  We decided to make cookies, gingerbread cookies.  Boogie wanted gingerbread guys and I made teranadon and brachiosaurus gingerbread cookies for Little Bear.  He squealed when he saw them.

We made Indian food over the weekend.  I made Sai Bhaji (spinach with lentils and veggies).  I also made pakoras.  Little Bear loved the Sai Bhaji and Boogie loved the pakoras.

Well I am off to do the not so exciting chore of laundry.  But after that I am doing the exciting chore of making apple turnovers.  Yippee!  I bought apples the other night, not realizing we already had a ton.  So, apple turnovers it is.  Hope you each have a lovely weekend.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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6 thoughts on “TGIF!!!

  1. Prep the garden? Wow! I had snow in my yard yesterday and I live in Atlanta! Haha

  2. Lots of tasty food and the boys look so sweet!

  3. lazysmurf on said:

    I’m gardening too this weekend! I can’t WAIT to get some sunshine! TGIF for sure.

  4. The Pot pie is very photogenic!
    Peace 🙂

  5. Mmmm. Now I have a craving for pretzels!

  6. Ooh, pretzels! I want to make some now.

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