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Sleepy Saturday…..

We are all very sleepy today. Mainly due to the little guys having a wicked cold that is making them both miserable.  Isn’t it lovely when brothers share?  Oy!  I am tired due to sleep deprivation.  Sick kids are a mum’s cryptonite.  Little Bear is my guy who has trouble sleeping when he is sick which in turn keeps me awake.  I think I am running on fumes today.  Fingers crossed for a long nap.

How are you?  Have you been cooking lately?  We have, as usual.  And we are still sticking to not eating out for a whole year, almost 9 months to go!

For St. Patrick’s Day I created an Irish Soda Bread recipe.  All three guys loved it.  It was tasty. I am not a big fan of caraway seeds in food, but they weren’t so bad in the bread.  I also made a stout and ‘steak’ dinner pie for dinner.  It was loved by the whole family as well.

I hadn’t made Indian food in a while, so I made a Indian Butter Seitan recipe with brown rice and a side of sauteed brussel sprouts. It was really good. I am going to tweak the recipe a bit to make it great.

I was going to make a lentil chili this week, but after the ton of veggies I added to it, it turned into a stew.  It was still just as tasty.  We have friend who gave us some kale and swiss chard from their garden and I wanted to use some of it.  The picture isn’t pretty, but the meal was hearty.

I also made Jamaican patties.  The recipe comes from Vegan Soul Kitchen.  They were awesome.  So good.  I served them with a side of black beans.  The recipe called for 6 patties, but I was able to make 8, even better.

I also made our Kabocha Squash Cornbread Casserole recipe.  I like this dish because you can pick and choose as little or as many veggies you like to add to the casserole.  As well as make is spicy or not.  It is loved by the whole family.

When Boogie started feeling puny, he asked me to make him lemonade.  How could I say, “no”?  Homemade lemonade is the best ever.  We love it.  Our lemonade is never from a can, jar, or in powder form.  This stuff was great!

My boys are carbaholics.  The Atkins diet would be a joke to them if they were old enough to understand.  I make at least one loaf, some times two loaves of sandwich bread a week for them.  This is a multi-seed bread I made for them.  The recipe came from the Bob’s Red Mill website.  It is a variation of one of their recipes.  It was the best bread I have made in a while.

Last night I made a dish I call Spring Harvest Mexican Bowl.  It uses fresh veggies with beans and brown rice and it is topped with a homemade chimichurri sauce.  Wowza!  We loved it.  It is our lunch today.  It was so flavorful and fresh.

As I mentioned earlier, it definitely is a sleepy Saturday and it is almost naptime.  Yippee!  Hope you have a great weekend.  Next week I will post garden pictures.  Our potatoes are sprouting.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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5 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday…..

  1. Anne Regen on said:

    I hope your boys feel all better soon. I love your blog.


  2. Krys you have been very busy caring for 2 sick babies and cooking some great recipes…I hope you are now over the colds and you have talen a moment to rest.

  3. As usual, everything looks so yummy. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

  4. I love the dinner pie with the little shamrock decorations on top!

    Your Indian Butter Seitan is calling my name! I’ve been way too obsessed with indian food lately!

    I hope the boys feel better soon *healthy vibes*

  5. I love your blog! I need to try some of these recipes!
    Do you have an email or place where we can ask questions. My husband and I plan to start a family soon and my husband has concern about me being vegan and being pregnant etc. He is not vegan, obviously. I would be great to hear your experience on vegan pregnancy, breastfeeding, and raising your children vegan with the nutrition information or any books you can recommend.

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