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Back from outer space….

Not literally.  I just felt that way.  Our internet has been down and now it is back, up and running faster than ever.  So, have you missed us?  We’ve missed you.  There are a lot of food pictures to post, so lets get started. 

Taco night (tacos filled with cilantro lime rice, refried beans, seasoned tvp, roasted potatoes, Daiya pepperjack cheese, vegan sour cream, and salsa)

Queso, not as good as my friends over at Food for Lovers, but it was tasty enough to help complete the meal.  Next time I will remember to pick up some of their queso.

Stromboli:   amazing and by far a favorite in our home.  It was filled with homemade sundried tomato pesto, fresh spinach from the garden, homemade vegan pepperoni, and Daiya cheese.

I recently checked out an Iraqi cookbook from the library so we could try the cuisine.  It was so good and definitely worth veganizing.  I made a zucchini cake, a chickpea dish, and fried eggplant with a yogurt sauce.  Such goodness.

The boys wanted pancakes for dinner the other night, so I created a lemon poppy seed pancake recipe.  They were so good.

This soup was coutesy of our garden.  I called it ‘Creamy Chipotle Harvest Soup’.

The best frito pie ever:  fritos, chili, red onion, pickled jalapeno, nutritional yeast sauce, sour cream, and avocado.

Simple and tasty dinner:   Boston baked beans, sauteed squash from the garden, and mac & cheeze.

This is what happens when you forget to check for veggies, a giant zucchini.  It has been turned into bread and cake.  Yum.

Cornish pasties with a side of squash, sending love to my friends in the UK.

Onions from our garden.

Mother’s Day dinner:   green tacos, cauliflower ceviche, guacamole, cumin spiced rice, and black beans. 

A recipe created for my little guy.   Boogie came to me one morning and told me he wanted to make carrot applesauce cupcakes for his little brother.  So, I created ‘Breakfast Cupcakes’.  They are really muffins, but the boys call them cupcakes. 

Southern fried goodness:   seitan nuggets, fried zucchini, corn, and homemade cream gravy.

I was asked to make a cake for a baby shower for one of Josh’s coworkers.  I made a carrot cake with a vegan cream cheese icing.  Everyone at his work raved about it.  The doctors were even impressed that vegan can be so good.  I have to agree, it tasted amazing.

Philly cheezesteaks with roasted fries, a favorite.

A while back, Josh was feeling under the weather, so I made him a big pot of chickUN and dumplin’s.  Mmm mmm.

A plate of grilled goodness.

Crispy tofu and broccoli.

Well it is Monday evening.  I am about to retire for the evening.  Hope you have a lovely week.  Look for posts more often, now that we have internet. 

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


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21 thoughts on “Back from outer space….

  1. As usual this looks wonderful…..OMG, please post these recipes!!!!!

  2. Glad you are back! 🙂 That is a huge zucchini!

  3. Wow – it looks like a whole heap of good eating, as usual! Glad to see you are back, will need to email you and catchup! DJ xo

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Hey DJ, I’ve been thinking about you. Yes, I need to email you. Hope you are doing well. Miss you friend. xo

  4. HOLY COW! That zucchini is HUGE! 😀

  5. I am happy your back. I did miss you guys. I love the food and its funny but your boys run around with no shirt just like my boys did…such great memories flashed before my eyes…thank you.

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Thanks Millie. Yes, the first thing Boogie does when he gets home is take his shirt and shoes off. Silly boy.

  6. SO much goodness! I need the recipe for those muffin/cupcakes and I need it SOON!

    Your garden is so productive already. We’re having torrential rain at the moment…

    Sorry Josh was feeling under the weather. Hope he’s better now.

    Gorgeous cake! Yes, people are always so surprised that vegan cakes can taste so good. I love the totie wee bootees! So sweet!

  7. Wow! That zucchini was from outer space. Please send some of your magic rainwater our way. Awesome pictures and dishes as usual. Thanks for sharing!

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Thanks. It was insanely huge. I made 6 loaves of zucchini bread from it. And gave some to our rescued bearded dragon. 🙂

  8. Anne on said:

    Creative & yummy cooking.

  9. Glad you are back! I don’t know how you survived without Internet for so long. 🙂 everything looks so yummy!

    • twoveganboys on said:

      I felt like I was in the age of dinosaurs. Stuck in a cave with two little boys and no outside contact. Yikes. It is funny how we take for granted modern technology.

  10. all dishes look delicious. i especially liked the frito pie dish!
    peace 🙂

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