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Moving right along….

We are getting settled into our new place.  I will post pictures of the kitchen next time.  We have great neighbors and an awesome landlord.  Our neighbor brought us vegan cupcakes from a local bakeshop and our landlord brought us eggplant and tomatoes from her organic garden as well as figs and pecans from her trees.  It is definitely making the transition easier.

Thursday I created a recipe for baked cake donuts.  We jokingly call them “Unholy Cake Donute” because we don’t have a donut pan and had to use a muffin pan.  They were delicious!  The boys loved them, all three.  Here is the recipe for you to enjoy.

Unholy Cake Donuts

2c flour

2/3c sugar

2t baking powder

1t nutmeg

1/4t cinnamon

1t salt

1t apple cider vinegar

3/4c soymilk

1/2c soy yogurt

1t vanilla

2T margarine, softened



1c powdered sugar

2T soymilk

1/2t vanilla


Preheat oven to 375F.  Lightly grease a donut pan or muffin pan.  In a small bowl, combine the soymilk and vinegar and set aside.  In a large mixing bowl combine the dry ingredients.  Add the soured milk, yogurt, and margarine.  Stir until blended.  Pour the batter into the donut pan or muffin pan, filling each cup 2/3 full.  Bake 10-12 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.  Cool 10 minutes and then place on a baking rack.  Yield:   1 ½ dozen donuts.


For the glaze: 

Blend all the ingredients in a small bowl.  Dip each donut in the glaze.  Serve.  You can also add sprinkles or toasted coconut to your donuts.

 © Two Vegan Boys 2011

Last night I felt like making us cookies.  The local grocery co-op makes amazing cashew butter cookies.  I thought I would replicate the recipe and figure out all of the ingredients.  Well, I did and they were delicious.  And a lot cheaper that $1.25-1.50 per cookie.  We call them, “Cashew Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies”.  They were so tasty with a ice cold glass of soymilk.

This week I made our Spicy Summer Curry recipe.  It is spicy and sweet.  I especially love the homemade seitan and mango in this dish. Little Bear loved it. He is our spicy baby.

It is still warm here.  And when I mean warm I am talking in the 100s F.  It is supposed to be 105F next week.  Meh.  Josh wanted a cool dish so I made a udon noodle bowl.  It hit the spot.  Cool and refreshing.  The boys liked it too.

We also grilled some portabellos and made burgers.  Yum.  It was so good with fresh avocado.  We also made sweet potato fries, not pictured.

I also made quesadillas for us.  We made spinach, black bean, & Daiya cheese.  I served it with a side of Spanish rice, mango pico, and roasted potatoes.  It definitely hit the spot.


I also made a not so healthy, but pretty darn tasty Southern dish.  I call this one, “Craig inspired”.  Because it is something our friend Craig would inhale and ask for seconds.  It is Southern and awesome like he is.  All that’s missing was a ice cold beer.  🙂  It is a plate full of fried okra, Southern fried chickUN seitan fingers, mashed potatoes, and homemade cream gravy.

And of course the last meal for the post would be tacos.  Oh how we love tacos. Such goodness.

My dancing Little Bear. 

Someone has discovered Harry Potter and LOVES it!

Well, we are off to a potluck this evening that is part of the local vegetarian network.  We are bringing our curried quiche with greens dish.  YUM!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


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8 thoughts on “Moving right along….

  1. Amanda V Gibson on said:

    So where did you find a recipe for the tortilla/taco shell things? They look so yummy. We get storebought but they don’t taste as fresh and aren’t as thick and filling as I’d like them to be.

    • twoveganboys on said:

      Amanda-The tortillas are homemade. A friend gave me the recipe. I can send it to you. Just let me know. 🙂

  2. that southern dinner looks amazing. i would inhale it, too! fried okra is so good. glad you are getting settled in. nice neighbors make all the difference.

  3. I hope you’ll all be very happy in your new home!

    As usual, your post has made me desperate to rush into the kitchen and do some cooking. However, the sun is shining here, in between clouds, and I have to get back out into it! You’ll remember what it’s like from your time in Scotland! I’m desperate to see photos of your new kitchen, though, so I can picture you making all your delicious meals!

    That’s just too hot for me! For you, too, by the sounds of it?

    Glad you’ve got such a great landlord and such lovely neighbours! Did you move to a different town, or just a different house?

    • twoveganboys on said:

      We just moved to a different house, Penny. 🙂 Glad to hear the weather is pleasant in Scotland. Oh, how I wish I was there.


  4. HP is awesome. I am glad Arthur is getting into it.

  5. Kevin Carr on said:

    Hi Krys, thanks again for your wonderful blog and the food pics.
    Would you mind sending me the recipe for the Tortilla/Taco shells as requested by Amanda on the 9th.
    Need to try these as only the cardboard type from the supermarkets are available here in Australia.
    Many thanks, Kevin.

  6. Hello Yummy! Would you be able to send me your methods as to how you created the things you make?
    Thank you!

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