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“What do you eat?”

As a veggie or vegan, you are asked this question….a lot.  If you remember, I posted last week about a blog that wrote about what a vegan typically eats.  She kept a log of what she ate for three days.  A friend sent me the link via our Facebook cooking page and I loved the idea.  So, here is what we ate for the three days from our last post.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

breakfast:   coffee, orange juice, slice of banana bread

lunch:   leftover shepherd’s pie, enlightenment bar

snack:   kale chips

dinner:   Caribbean food-mini dinner pie filled with tvp, beans, & spices, a small side of fried plantain fritters, sautéed kale

 what the two vegan boys ate

breakfast:   slice of banana bread, fresh blueberries, and soymilk

snack:   cereal

lunch:   leftover shepherd’s pie for one boy, pb&j with a side of seaweed for the other

snack:   kale chips

dinner:   same as our dinner

snack:   peach slices, seaweed, soymilk

 Thursday, 14 July 2011

Breakfast:   soy yogurt, granola, fresh strawberries

Lunch:      leftover Caribbean meal from the night before.

Snack:   almonds

Dinner:   vegan pepperoni & mushroom stromboli with Daiya cheese and homemade sundried tomato pesto

 what the boys ate 

breakfast:   same as mine

lunch:   same as mine

snack:   seaweed and dried fruit

dinner:   daiya cheese pizza with a homemade roasted tomato marinara

snack:   cereal with soymilk

 Friday, 15 July 2011

Breakfast:   slice of banana bread, coffee

Lunch:   Caribbean food from Wednesday

Dinner:   Cuban Black Bean soup with a side of sweet potato flautas, topped with a roasted tomatillo sauce

 what the boys ate

breakast:   banana bread, dried fruit, soymilk

snack:   orange juice, dry cereal

lunch:   one kid wanted PB&J with kale chips, the other ate the leftover Caribbean food

snack:   nuts

dinner:   sweet potato flautas with a side of black beans

snack:   soy yogurt with granola

 So, what did you eat for the last three days?  Last night we had two vegan friends over for dinner.  It was great company. I made African rolls.  They are whole wheat tortillas filled with brown rice, mashed sweet potato, steamed kale. fresh sprouts, and topped with a spicy peanutty cilantro sauce.  So good.  I also made some homemade pudding topped with fresh strawberries for dessert.

In other vegan news, I found out yesterday that some vegan friends are pregnant.  They suffered a miscarriage last year. I am so happy for them.  Congrats Leslie and Jason.  Yay!

This post is short since I am off to make a few loaves of quinoa banana bread.  We have some very ripe bananas that need  a home. 

 Hope you each have a lovely Monday. 

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


Linda ausitn sur


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9 thoughts on ““What do you eat?”

  1. Kim Simon on said:

    I am out of town right now so I will have to post when I get home sorry for the delay and of course my stuff is no where near as yummy sounding as your stuff!

  2. Those African rolls sound delicious! And what the boys eat sounds really healthy and flavorful. You two are doing a wonderful job, and I absolutely love the blog. Keep up the awesome work! And good luck surviving the heat… it’s 95 here and I’m trying to work up the courage to walk to the gym :-/

  3. Kim Simon on said:

    Ok I am home and remembered that I need to do this!
    Day 1
    Breakfast-Juice made from 2 carrots, 3 strawberries, 1/2 a celery stalk ; a banana and a cup of coffee
    Lunch-Salad made with chickpeas, spinach, craisins, quinoa, green olives; some corn and bean salsa with tortilla chips
    Dinner-went out and had a tofu taco with some guacamole and chips; a cookie
    Day 2
    Breakfast-2 bananas, tofu scramble with spinach and tomatos
    Lunch-chips and hummus
    Dinner-Smoky Joes from VOTC with French Fries
    Day 3
    Breakfast-toast with jam. tofu scrambler with spinach and tomatoes
    Lunch and some snacks-lays chips, pbj sandwich, chips and hummus, 5 prunes, banana, carrot spears with Goddess dressing
    Dinner-red cabbage with apples, pierogies and tofurkey sausage
    Not the most nutrtiionally sound 3 days of my life but oh well! Looks like I need to eat less tortillas chips and more veggies!

  4. Ahh hmm..
    Most weekdays are
    Breakfast: Bread slices or pancakes or french toast or spice up bean/lentil sprouts with either green tea or some juice
    Lunch: Either Indian (lentil soup of one of the 10s of lentils, some dry spiced veggies, pickle and flat bread) or burger variations with tempeh.
    Snacks or evening small meal: nuts, trail mix, or small sandwiches of leftover indian dry vegetable dishes like potato cauliflower or potato bell peppers.
    Dinner: Pasta with variations in sauces and veggies. or Indian meal as lunch or South indian meal(steamed lentil cakes with Pea soup and chutneys)

    Indian Meals are 90% vegetarian, so vegan versions are super easy. not much change required!
    When we go out, we hit the vegan breakfast cafe or pizza place.. 20 vegan restaurants in Seattle now! Yay!
    Richa @

  5. Ooh, quinoa banana bread sounds like perfect wholesome food. I’m from Sweden, and to my knowledge banana bread is not really something we make here.. Any chance of a recipe so I can change that?;)

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